Capacity building for young gynaecs in State

Capacity building for young gynaecs in State

Obstetricians and gynaecologists from the State have joined hands with leading hospitals and organisations to undertake capacity building for young gynecologists by exposing them to the latest standardised procedures followed in developed nations.

This is an attempt to battle the maternal and infant mortality rates which still remain a major concern for the healthcare sector in the country.

The first of such training programs was held in Bengaluru on January 10. Over 40 doctors participated in the workshop on ‘OB Ultrasound Scanning in Early Pregnancy’. It was a joint initiative by ViteX Healthcare and the obstetrics and gynecology department of the KIMS Hospital and Research Center.

Dr Divakar, the lead educator, said, “Ultrasound scanning is still a sensitive topic in the country. However, as experts in the sector, we are of the opinion that Obstetrics in the early pregnancy has the potential to strengthen the maternal healthcare ecosystem in the country, which is aiming to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.”

The training is accredited by the Karnataka Medical Council to award the delegates or faculty with two CME credit hours. The overall training was split into three phases—online pre-training, a face-to-face workshop and online post-training. The combination of online and face-to-face segments is designed to minimise the clinicians' time away from work and maximize learning.

Dr Hema Divakar, former president, Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Societies of India; Dr B S Rama Murthy of Srinivasa Ultrasound Scanning Centre, Bengaluru; Dr Nirmala Shivalingaiah, Prof and HoD of OB or GYN at KIMS Hospital, and Dr William Marks, Chief of Radiology, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, US, will be among the trainers to handle these workshops. The plan is to cover all the gynecologists of Karnataka under the programme in phases.