SP pays 'surprise' visit to hostels

SP pays 'surprise' visit to hostels

SP pays 'surprise' visit to hostels

   Directorate of Civil Enforcement Superintendent of Police Mithra Heraje tasting the food at Morarji Desai Residential hostel at Karnadu on Wednesday. DH photoHowever, the students of the hostel informed the reporters that the visit by the officials was known to them in the morning and the hostel in charge and cook had asked to maintain cleanliness.

In both the hostels, the SP complained of tasteless food being served to the students after tasting the food. However, the officials said that sometimes the rice supplied to the hostels smell after it was cooked. “We get poor quality of rice in some stock,” they said.

The students kept quite in front of the SP and other district level officials and did not utter a word of complaint. However, later after coaxing, speaking to reporters they said that they were not served fish after Dasara. “Chicken is served only once in a month. Banana is given only twice in a week,” they said.

“When the food is served, some times, the young kids do not get the food and chicken pieces at all,” the students complained. However, the Superintendent said that the students have not complained in this regard. They had lot of complaints against cook Srinivas Devadiga. They alleged that the cook takes away the grocery from the hostel. The students also said that they are not allowed to watch TV.

However, when asked, Hostel Superintendent Padmavathi Tadadikar said “eggs are served to the inmates thrice a week, chicken two to three times in a month and fish once in a week. The inmates are allowed to watch news daily and films on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Showing the damaged ceiling of the hostel building, they said the room leaks during the rainy season.

The Principal and the in-charge superintendent of Morarji Desai Residential School, Karnad said: “We can not take the bio-metric attendance of the 229 students of the school during the afternoon lunch as we have only one computer for the bio metric attendance.”