Something extra for coffee lovers

Something extra for coffee lovers


We are both tea and coffee-loving nation. But when it comes to preferences, the GenX seems to have more inclination towards coffee.

We are, however, naïve when it comes to selection of good coffee – reason being we are not introduced to a variety of coffees. Kaffa Cerrado, however, is sourcing best single origin coffee beans from plantations across the world.

“As people learn more about coffee, they want to know where the bean came from and how it has been roasted and what is the difference between different coffees.

Since the roasting of our coffees keeps in mind the local flavours, clients are able to choose what coffee they like and order according to their taste. With aromas ranging from flowery notes of jasmine to fruity notes of wild berries – there’s something for everyone’s taste,” says Krittivas Dalmia, founder of Kaffa Cerrado.
Like, they have Columbia Superemo, known particularly for its sweet taste. Its mellow aroma makes it ideal for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break. There is Indonesia Mandheling, a powerful coffee with low acidity. This Sumatran coffee is grown at an altitude of about 1000 metres and boasts of rustic earthy flavours complemented with notes of raisin and subtle plum.

Kenya AA is a deliciously aromatic coffee having alternating notes of citrus and chocolate-toned blackberry, while Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is an excessively sweet coffee having notes of toffied caramel and a mild aftertaste of bitter lemon. It is one of the best known coffees of India.
According to Dalmia some coffees have a larger undertone of a particular aroma or smell, some are more complex. “With over 800 aroma compounds in coffee, everyone undertakes a different journey and ends at a different place. It's an exciting journey and as one sets on it, one learns more every day,” he says.
He believes coffee can be many things to many people. “It is an art, a science, a beverage, a recipe, a dream or a mystery – but it is definitely a combination to try. In addition to our beans, we also have a small selection of high quality equipments to be able to brew the coffee. We have espresso machines (Jura), Moka pots, Chemex