Nippani man designs flying car

Nippani man designs flying car

Giving wings to ideas

Nippani man designs flying car

A traffic deadlock might leave you fuming for hours. An ambulance stuck on a chock-a-block road might leave the patient gasping for life. A road mishap might send a chill down the spine. The rush hours will put to test a traveller’s patience and wit.

Bogged by these issues, 52-year-old Mahesh Dattatreya Mahajan tried to find a solution through flying cars, he conceived, designed, assembled and experimented at Nippani, in the borders of Belagavi district.

Varied efforts from different quarters for the last several years to design a comprehensive flying car did not deter Mahesh’s determination to invent one.
In spite of being academically groomed with BCom and MBA to handle the family business which is into cashewnut processing, the birds that fly in the open sky caught his imagination. He fancied the crafts and choppers instead of cashews that ring in cash. He was intrigued by the remote-controlled toys and toiled day and night on reproducing machines that could fly.

Mahesh applied for the international patent to design a flying car and for the last several years, has been waiting to see it materialise. When he decided to give wings to his idea, the fuel-based flying car weighing around 1,300 kg, received overwhelming public response, when he first uploaded the video on the YouTube.

This motivated him to come out with a vivid diagram and explain his invention threadbare. He came out with a modified version of an air-thrust machine that resembles a flying saucer that can fly up to 150 feet high, and the model has been sent to a Chennai-based Research Centre.

The businessman-turned-researcher wants his “Mahesh Mahajan Flying Car” to be useful to Health and Police departments, if the government and other organisations are willing to help him out, he added.