Jagdish Mukhi to face son-in-law

Jagdish Mukhi to face son-in-law

Even as Janakpuri is set to witness a face-off between BJP’s Jagdish Mukhi and his son-in-law Suresh Kumar, the two candidates on Wednesday insisted that the fight would be between ideologies and not individuals.

But Suresh seemed to have been alienated by his family for choosing to fight the polls on a Congress ticket.

“I will vote for my husband. I have always been with the BJP and one person changing sides will not make me change my decision,” Jagdish Mukhi’s wife Prem told Deccan Herald. When asked if she would bless Suresh for the polls, she said

“ashirvaad uske dirghaayu ke liye hai (I bless him with a long life)”.Suresh did not hint at a similar support from his wife. “My wife will vote for whoever she finds fit, she will do what brings her peace. In our party, the men do not decide who their wives vote for,” said Suresh. But unlike Mukhi who came to the nomination centre in west Delhi’s Rampura with his wife and several women supporters, Suresh was accompanied only by men. Albeit dozens of them gave Mukhi’s supporters a run for their money when it came to sloganeering.

“In our family, we do not bring women folks along,” Suresh told Deccan Herald when asked if his wife’s absence at the nomination centre meant anything. When told that his mother-in-law had accompanied Mukhi, Suresh said, “That is his family and this is my family”.
Suresh said he was not really worried about his wife.