Idgah maidan inaugurated

Idgah maidan inaugurated

New khabrastan also ready for use at Melekote

Idgah maidan inaugurated

Rank Nazir and district Congress president S Shafi Ahmed. 

Rajya Sabha deputy chirman Rehman Khan inaugurated the Idgah and khabrasthan on Saturday.  The first mass prayer was offered at 2 pm at the Idgah.

Rank Nazir had purchased the land and donated it to the Muslim community for offering prayers and for burial. Shafi Ahmed has made significant contribution to the cause. The deputy Speaker lauded the efforts of both of them.

MP G S Basavaraju, CMC president M P Mahesh, vice-president Hanumantharayappa and other leaders were present on the occasion.

‘Do not let conflict go out of hand’

“Conflicts during Parlimentary sessions is not uncommon. However, it is important to ensure that these conflicts do not go out of hand,” opined Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Rehman Khan here on Saturday.

Khan, who was in the city to inaugurate the Idgah Maidan, said that members of the Parliament were resorting to unparlimentary behaviour to gain media publicity. “The media tends to highlight those leaders who create a lot of noise during the sessions. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in unparlimentary behaviour among the members,” he remarked. He added that it was impossible for the chairpersons to discipline the members and said: “Party leaders should ask their members tobehave and the members should also exercise self-restraint.”

He also urged the media to highlight relevant policy issues discussed in the sessions instead of merely focussing on fights. Commenting on the attacks on Indian students in Australia, Khan said: “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has put pressure on the Australian government to take appropriate steps for the safety of Indian students. The government has condemned the racial attacks and has made its stand clear.”