Go big, go bold!

Go big, go bold!

Shine, shimmer and sparkle are the right way to go, say fashionistas in the City, be it dresses, bags, accessories or even make-up. Sequins, metallic finishes, glossy leather or dazzling crystals, ‘blinging it up’ is a good way to grab eyeballs without opting for low necklines or super-short hemlines!

Designer Sanchita Ajampur talks to Metrolife on the ‘bling’ factor. Bling is about flash and splash. It’s not just about keeping up with the Jones, but leaving them way behind. From jewelled cellphone covers to sparkling hoodies or sneaker accessories, bling is on everything including jeans and tee shirts, handbags and shoes.

Says Sanchita, “Getting the bling look right is about mixing elements and accessories without looking outlandish and attention seeking. Fashion is about sophistication, new minimalism and quality luxuries. So unless you’re a serious hip-hopper, too much bling can make you look like you are trying too hard to flaunt your status!”

So how does one ‘bling it up’ without going over the top or incurring the wrath of the
fashion police?  “Subtle feminine embellishments on clothes and accessories personalise an outfit. Classic clutch bags  embroidered or bejeweled with glinting rocks, big bold costume jewellery, huge chain necklaces with texture and scale contrasts, big textural rings, and stacked bangles — thin or thick cuffs can add glamour to a plain basic without looking overdone,” tells Sanchita.

What's in this season?

Chunky gem trim or crystal-embellished scoop necklines, halter styles studded with hot rocks and pearls. Stock up on sparkling costume jewellery – a diamante belt or brooch will bling up any outfit! Whether you choose platinum-hued stones or jewel trim in bright hues, go big, go bold and grab that spotlight.

International brands known for their bold designs make the right bling impact with sunglasses, bracelet, pendants, bags and belts and are available right here in the City. However, there are lots of jewellery and accessory shops in the bylanes off Commercial Street and in underground plazas that sell trendy stuff at affordable prices. Ideal for the bling fad of the season whether it’s phone accessories, diamante belts, sneaker studs or glittery clutch bags.

‘The beautiful me’

Meagan Abraham, a young professional says. “For me, bling is representative of the age we live in and my personality — it is is unmistakably loud, in your face and is sure to grab the room's attention. When I plan an outfit, accessories are a vital component as they can make or break an ensemble. Bling can dress up a subtle dress or accentuate it, depending on the degree and usage of it. For me, my favourite piece of bling is a crystal studded cross that I picked up at Olive Beach about three years ago and always gets noticed whether I am in Melbourne or Bangalore.”

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