Curbs on tourists at Sun Temple

Curbs on tourists at Sun Temple

The Archeological Survey of India(ASI)—which is in charge of safety, security and maintenance of the architectural wonder — has imposed restrictions on the movement of tourists inside the temple complex.

Henceforth, visitors will neither be allowed to climb the stairs of the chariot-shaped temple nor watch it from close quarters. Now, they will only be permitted to walk around the stone monument and watch it from the ground. In fact, the central agency has already put iron barricades at the three entrances of the temple to prevent the tourists from climbing the stairs.

What prompted the ASI to impose the restrictions were two mishaps in the temple on two consecutive days last week in which a 50-year-old tourist from Bangalore and a boy from Dehradun were injured after they slipped from one of the temple rocks.

However, a good news for tourists is that the restriction, according to the ASI, could be for a temporary period.

“The restriction has been imposed for the tourists’ own safety. We may consider withdrawing it once a solution is found to avoid any kind of accident inside the temple complex,” ASI official said.

This temporary restriction has already triggered resentment among both domestic as well as foreign tourists. Questions are already being raised if the ASI can prevent VIP visitors from climbing the stairs and watch the architectural marvel from close quarters.