Apps to snoop-proof mobile phones

Apps to snoop-proof mobile phones

It is a common phenomenon in colleges -- a friend unlocking another friend’s phone just to tease or make him or her an object of ridicule. But in the professional and corporate world, if an unknown person unlocks a phone, things might get difficult, even problematic for the company. It therefore becomes important to maintain mobile transparency.

Dhruv Dangi, knows how embarrassing it is when a friend unlocks a phone in the user’s absence. A second-year student of Computer Science and Engineering, Manav Rachna International University, he has developed the Yureka application for people who are suspicious and wish to guard against people snooping around their phones.

The Yureka apps displays the number of ‘unlocks’ in a day, list of apps used, picture of the person who used the phone and much more.

“If someone unlocks your phone in your absence then through this application, a picture of that person is taken without his knowledge. You can also get data on how long any particular file or other applications were opened,” says Dangi.

Manav Rachna College of Engineering has taken a quantum leap into a range of research and development initiatives in recent years, constantly encouraging students for out-of-the-box thinking and generating new and revolutionary ideas to bring about societal change – one amongst them is the Yureka apps. “Transparency comes to your rescue wrapped up in just 1.7 Mb. It also provides many custom settings to meet the user's requirements like timed alerts to check phone usage, blacklisted apps, ignored apps and a lot more,” says Dangi.

He informs, “For security purpose, one can set a password on the apps itself so that only you are able to see the data. The widget is almost transparent giving it a clean and minimalistic look. The elegance of this apps is reflected in its User Interface (UI) which is inspired by material design,” informs the youngster.

The apps also won the first prize of Rs 1, 00,000 at Apps for YU Challenge, organised by YU from Micromax. It is available at Android Play Store for free.