People's problems

People's problems

Site has become dumping yard

Site No 482 at the corner of 12th Main, 12th Cross, Padmanabhanagar (which is behind our house) has become a garbage yard. Debris from demolished structures, roots, mud, pots, household garbage and more are dumped here. This has been going on for years.
Neither the owner of the site nor the Corporation authorities have taken steps to end this menace.

Every month we have to pay and clear about 4 to 5 feet of the ground adjacent to our back compound. But the corporation sweepers are themselves dumping road
rubbish here, damaging our back wall. This is also a health hazard for us and to all the neighbours. People also urinate here.

Will the concerned authorities act immediately to remove the garbage, get the site cleaned and also ensure that the site is maintained in future?

R Sreeraghavan,

Incomplete road repair

The roads from 1st Main to 8th ‘A’ Main in HBR 3 Block, were taken up for repair and were spread with big-sized gravel two months ago, but they are still not asphalted. Due to this inordinate delay the residents of the locality are suffering untold miseries. These roads are a pain to the aged and schoolchildren.

All our requests and pleas to the officials and the contractor have fallen on deaf ears. Will the concerned authorities look into this and instruct the contractor accordingly. I request on behalf of the residents to finalize the asphalting of all roads and take up repair of the 10th Main Road too.

V S Chandrasegaran,
 HBR 3rd Block

Shoddy work by BBMP

The BBMP is carrying out the covering of Storm Water Drains (SWD) throughout Jayanagar and JP Nagar Ward No 177. But the work is being done in a shoddy manner at JP Nagar 3rd Phase, around the mini forest. I have brought the same to the notice of the BBMP too. Similar work was carried out at ward No 170 and with great reluctance, the shoddy work was partially repaired. Hope the officials look into the issue and resolve the problem immediately.

R Madhava Rao,
Jayanagar 9th Block

Park needs basic facilities

The BBMP parks in HBR Layout lack basic facilities like shelters, drinking water and toilets. Further, the parks are flooded with mosquitoes in the evenings, as mosquito repellents are not sprinkled regularly. It will be a great service to citizens if the BBMP upgrades the parks with the basic facilities cited above. These parks are extensively used by senior citizens and other walkers. The parks also contain play areas which are used by children.

K Bhima Rao,
HBR Layout

Stormwater drain needed

The 16th Cross Road of HMT Layout in Vidyaranyapura passes through Balaji Layout before connecting to MS Palya Road. This Stretch of the road has no storm water drain. Water enters houses when it rains, causing a lot of inconvenience to the people living in the area.
Senior citizens, school children and women find it difficult to walk on this road. Several requests to the BBMP Sub Division Office, Vidyaranyapura and the local corporator, have elicited no response. Hope the authorities concerned will take necessary action to put an end to this problem.

Radhakrishnan Nair P,
Balaji Layout

Level road inDommasandra

The road that connects BEL Circle to Vidyaranyapura at Dommasandra is in bad condition. The road has been dug and has been left without levelling.

The road itself is narrow and buses go both ways. In some places the potholes are filled with stones without asphalt. This is dangerous for elders and children as they might get hurt badly. Hope the officials wake up soon and resolve the crisis.


Repair bus shelter

Three years ago there was a bus shelter with a granite slab, steel bars and tube light near 8th Main, Basaveshwaranagar. One morning while waiting for a bus here, some people removed the granite slab and steel bars.

When I enquired they said that a new contract to build a better bus shelter was given. It has been more than three years since and the bus shelter is still not repaired. Please replace the granite slab, stainless steel tubes and the flooring.

Parthasarathy M

Traffic signal lights needed

There are no traffic signal lights at the Kempapura Bus Stop on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) from Hebbal towards Nagawara. With no signal lights to stop motorists, the pedestrians have to cross the road at their own risk. This road leads to Yogesh Nagar, Janatha colony, Kempapura, Jain Heritage School, and Coffee Board Layout.

Hundreds of people especially working women, ladies, school/college going children use this route to catch a bus at the stop. Since this is an important road, considering the number of BMTC buses that ply here and the traffic in-flow from the flyover into the ORR is at great speed, it is essential to control the speeding motorists. The traffic police and the BBMP should immediately instal a traffic signal here, paint a zebra crossing, post a police constable at all times and put up bus shelters on both sides of the road. The concerned departments should undertake this work immediately, rather than wait for something drastic/fatal to happen at this junction as has happened at the Kempapura junction on Ballari Road.

Hari Kanniah

Shortage of water supply

Even before hitting the summer peak, water scarcity has started here in the oldest part of Bangalore – Rajajinagar V Block, 66th Cross.

The BWSSB supplies water on alternative days, for a short period of two to three hours.
These days the amount of water supplied is not enough to meet basic needs and it has become a struggle.

When contacted the BWSSB’s reply is so vague, amounting only to careless attitude.
There are also no tankers to meet any emergencies. The officers coolly pass the buck by blaming someone or the other.

Paid water supply services are rendered by the BWSSB but even that is untraceable now.
The board published grand statements to meet the water crisis this summer. But all this remains only on paper. Kindly, can the concerned authorities come up with real solutions and meet the needs at the earliest?

Austin Diwakar,
Rajajinagar, 5th Block

No streetlights

There are no streetlights at the Central Silk Board junction.
There are no lights except the lights of the passing vehicles. Pedestrians are in danger.
The BBMP should wake up and install new street lights immediately, before the Silk Board junction becomes another accident zone.


Install pedestrian signal lights

As the traffic on Bull Temple Road is increasing by the day, it has become extremely difficult to cross the road in front of Uma Theatre.

I request the concerned authorities to install signal lights here, so that it becomes easy for the elderly, women and children to cross the road

Nandini K

Unfinished ramp on Mysuru Road

The BBMP came out with an ambitious plan to cut down the traffic on Mysuru Road near Gaali Anjaneya Temple by constructing a bridge over the Storm Water Drain (Raja Kaluve). Though this was an ill conceived idea, the additional road is helping commuters. However, the construction was abruptly halted on one side of the ramp without a logical descent on to Mysuru Road. Now, with the commencement of the bridge near Kavika, the traffic police have managed to streamline the traffic. Using this opportunity the BBMP should complete the unfinished ramp and turn the road into a one way to make the Deepanjali Nagar junction, a signal-free one.


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