Let the talent bloom!

Let the talent bloom!

Let the talent bloom!

talented Street play in action.

Posters and decorations are being put up and participants from other colleges are being hosted. The cultural team, along with volunteers from the University, are getting ready to play host to what they call ‘the biggest fest’ in their college.

Held over three days, In Bloom is a festival that provides opportunity to students to interact and gives a platform to express their talent. The festival was called Spring Fest during the 70s and it was only during mid-80s, that it was rechristened as In Bloom. “Like every year, this year too we have a theme for the fest and that is Beach. So we’ll attempt to turn the college into a mini-beach festival,” says Abhinav, who is part of the cultural team.

The students have made cut-outs of mermaids, shells, sea horses and even plan to wear flip-flops, create a sand castle and may even put up ice-gola stands. “But the theme will not affect the activities. Participants have the freedom to trail away from the theme,” he adds.

Over three days, there will be four main activities — Baptizer (theatre events), Concordia (art events), Calliope (literary events) and Calypso (stage events like dance and music). “We will have some of the top colleges both in and out of the City participating and though we are the host, we are hoping to win many events,” says Eben Johnson from the band All The Fat Children.

And there are a few teams one can look forward to, like the theatre team Mad Cap Productions, who won the inter-collegiate theatre festival. While many will stick to their winning routine of the intra-college fest Darpan, there are a few who would change it a bit.

“We try to keep our performance a secret as we don’t want other teams to know what we are doing,” says Tanita Abraham from the acoustic team Drama Tones.
The details of the festival are available on a website created by the students. The fest will be held on January 13,15 and 16. For more information, visit christinbloom.in