Rohit expects a fiery contest at SCG

Rohit expects a fiery contest at SCG

Indian opener hopes that banter on the field would not cross the line in the semifinalsSydney: Rohit Sharma was involved in a few run-ins with some of

Rohit expects a fiery contest at SCG

Rohit Sharma was involved in a few run-ins with some of the Australian players during the Tests and the tri-series. He has copped some and has given it back as good as he could. As the two teams square-up for the semifinal clash here on Thursday, the opener hoped that the bantering didn’t cross the line. 

“It's part of the game, I guess,” said Rohit when pointed out that Australians would use gamesmanship to unsettle the Indian batsmen. “I just hope it doesn't cross the line. We all know as professional cricketers that there are boundaries which we don't need to cross. So, yeah, as long as it's within those boundaries, we'll be fine,” he remarked.

David Warner crossed that line and got fined during a tri-series match in Melbourne where the Aussie opener demanded Rohit speak in English. Rohit went on to score a century in that match though Australia chased down India’s target. “That’s very fresh in my mind,” said Rohit when asked if such incidents fire him up. “Whenever I wear this (Indian) jersey, it's a good enough reason to get motivated.

I don't need someone else to fire me up. It's important for me when I wear that India cap, I need to work hard, and I know that. I don't need anyone else to come and talk or whatever it is (to get me going). So it doesn't matter to me whether someone says something to me. I bat the way I want to, and I think I would make sure that nothing gets into my head,” he offered.

Rohit stressed on the need to maintain the same approach that they have been displaying through the tournament and that there was no need to complicate things just because it’s a big game. “I think we just need to continue doing the same things,” he noted. “It is something that won't completely change from what it was before. We just have to stay in the present and look forward to the semifinal. We know we have played in big matches so we know what it takes to come out as a winner. So, hopefully we'll have a good start tomorrow.

That's going to be very crucial whether we bat or bowl, we have to start the game very well. As the game progresses, you'll see where you stand at that point in time and then think about it and analyse. So I think the biggest thing is for us to stay in the present and just enjoy the moment and focus on what we do. I'm sure we'll all be prepared and geared up and ready to go.”

It is widely perceived that the pitch for Thursday’s game is going to be slow and help the spinners but Rohit said it didn’t matter. “It doesn't matter to us because if you look at the tournament, we've taken 70 wickets in seven games as both our spinners and fast bowlers have taken wickets. Whether it helps spinners or fast bowlers, we've got everything going for us in these two areas. Our spinners have really bowled well in the tournament and so have the fast bowlers. I just hope they can come out and do it tomorrow as well,” he stated.