Out-and-out comedy

Out-and-out comedy


Out-and-out comedy

 A still from Krishna Nee Lateage Baro.

Director Mohan’s Krishna Nee Lateage Baro was supposed to hit the screens last November itself, but the delay has got the rumour mills running. Mohan clarifies to Metrolife that there are many reasons for the delay. “The movie was ready for release last year itself, but the producer had asked me to delay the post production due to some superstitious beliefs,” he says. “Plus, I was told to hold its release till the New Year since many films of Ramesh Aravind were releasing at the same time.”

Now with the final copy of the film ready, Mohan says yet another hurdle has come his way. With many films lined up for release this month, he has to wait till February to release the film.

“At the end of the month, we will have a special screening for distributors after which, we will know which theatres we can get,” he explains.

The movie KNLB is said to be an out-and-out comedy, which talks about the difference between infatuation and true love. “We often mistake the two and end up with the wrong person. Through this, I would like to showcase the difference,” he says. The crew, he says, had a blast making the film with the climax being the most challenging to shoot. “There were around 30 artistes for the climax. This was a real challenge as I had to do justice to all the characters sharing the screen space,” he says.

The movie stars many actors including Ramesh Aravind and Neethu.