A fun-filled, sweet thriller

A fun-filled, sweet thriller

A fun-filled, sweet thriller

Bombay Mittai
Kannada (U/A) ¬¬¬¬
Director: Chandramohan
Cast: Niranjan Deshpande, Nisha Pandey, Chikkanna, Bullet Prakash, RJ Rohit

Bombay Mittai is a truly tasty confection. A fun-filled entertainer combining the charms of a roadie movie, it also throws in some thriller elements.

The film portrays the joys of friendship. It also speaks of jealousy and rivalry that spring among bosom buddies when a pretty woman is among them. Director Chandramohan also adds the right mix of cop-culprit chase with a near murder tucked in to spice things.

It’s Aditi, an acquintance of Vishnu, who sends the men’s BP soaring. Visnu’s friend Seenu nicknames her Bombay Mittai, as she is from Mumbai, on a sojourn to savour the beauty of Karnataka. Seenu is also head over heels for her.

Joining Vishnu and Seenu is Sunder who, too, falls for her charms. While Vishnu secretly loves the girl, Aditi herself is amused by the tricks that Seenu and Sunder indulge in to woo her.

Bombay Mittai keeps you enthralled as the gang embarks on a journey to Karwar where Vishnu, Seenu and Sunder’s friend Rocky are hosting a birthday party. It is at Rocky’s home that things turn into a turmoil for the foursome. Thereon, the film takes a twist as the friends make efforts to escape the long arms of the law.

Bombay Mittai takes viewers on a fleeting tour of Karnataka, including the Tibetan settlement at Bylakuppe.

With a pleasant music score by Veer Samarth, and colourful cinematography, the film is a true entertainer and one for the family. Kudos to Chandramohan.

And as the tagline goes: Get ready for a jolly trip and have fun.