When talent bloomed...

When talent bloomed...

Soaring spirits

When talent bloomed...

Students taking a look at the photographs exhibited.

Talent bloomed at the inter-collegiate festival held at the Christ University this year. In Bloom, one of the final cultural fests of the academic year saw great enthusiasm and energy amongst students. Spread over three days, the fest had various activities including drama, dance, music and literary events.

Another festival held alongside known as, Blossoms was an intra deanery competition. While the teachers said that it was a great way for each and every student to take part, many students joked that this may be the only college which has two fests simultaneously.

Nevertheless, the theme Beach flowed through the college campus. From tender coconut stands, sand castles to stalls selling flip flops and beaded necklaces to huge cut-outs of mermaids and shrimps — the students made sure that the beach experience was brought alive on campus. “We didn't want to confuse the teams from other colleges as they would have prepared months in advance,” said Abhinav, from the cultural team. The food stalls erected by the Hotel Management students, which served items ranging masala dosas to chocolate ice creams, were a rage.    

Day one was dedicated to theatre. There were mainly two events, street theatre and stage theatre. Street theatre delved into issues such as afforestation, child labour, unemployment among others. Mythology and comedies were popular acts on the stage – all the while bringing out social issues that the teams really believed in. What really caught one's attention was the judging.

 After each performance, the judges took time off and gave immediate reactions to the act. “The feedback will help the students when they perform next time. More than the competition it’s all about absorbing and learning something more with each performance,” said one of the teachers.

 A skit on environment.Despite the solar eclipse, day two saw far more participation with students running around, unaffected by the myths. With the day dedicated to Western and Indian music, the campus was filled with all kinds of music lovers. Heavy metal to soft melodious classical music rent the air and the teams not only spread messages of love and peace but also brought in a feeling of oneness with the fusion music. Events like beat boxing and acoustics were the crowd pullers for the day.

Day three was set apart for literary events like debates and JAM. There was dance on the side as well. The performances were well choreographed and presented with teams giving importance to details like costumes and accessories.

There were those dances that came with a message or an introduction and at the same time the filmi numbers were fun to watch.

At the end of the fest, there was a mixed reaction, there were those who were rather disappointed that the fest drew to an end so fast and there were some others who were so tired that they couldn't move an inch. But more than the competition it was the spirit of participation that shone through and through during In Bloom.

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