Sinking in the same boat

Maybe it’s the inherent human quality or that intrinsic sadistic pleasure, somehow we don’t mind any misery or discomfort, so far as others around too are subjected to the same! Few months back, my friend who was convalescing from the assault of a deadly virus, called me up for chatter over the telephone.

She began, “I am virtually drowning in that dreary despondent mood. So I thought of having some chinwag with you, to have my spirits revitalised. But know what?” Saying this, she guffawed with  devilish delight, “Saving grace is that some six of us in the office, were struck by this swine flu, at same time!” More than the fact that my friend was laid down by that infection, she was feeling exulted to know there were others too, sailing (is it sinking?) in the same boat as hers!

And then, when we were doing our BSc, the second year’s final exam mathematics question paper had turned a tad tricky the result of which was out of 52 students, over 40 girls en masse had flunked. (Well, that included me.) We, the gals who lost out, had aligned ourselves forming a league of our own, expressing ‘solidarity, solace and support’ to one another. Instead of feeling the pain for having created an academic debacle, we felt that profound pleasure permeate in us, to know we had solid company in sharing our sorrows at that time.

Recently, yet another friend of mine, along with few of her relatives, was travelling in a maxi-cab to attend a marriage in some far-flung area. It seems a motorist, who was zooming at full pelt, bang ahead of my friend’s moving vehicle, was swerving in a zigzag fashion. In the process, he had rammed a side-walk kerb. While his vehicle slewed; the cab, in an attempt to avoid colliding into his vehicle, careened and toppled slightly. The next day, I saw my friend  hobbling, but composed, “Lucky me! I’m much better off. The others are having more bruises all over their arms and legs.”
Well, as I’m penning this piece, the power supply goes pop! This severe shortage of water and power supply in our area immensely infuriates me, yet I’m finding myself inundated by that ineffable joy. Know why? There is whole lot of others too in our area, affected by these annoying banes, as much as I am!

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