Defence min's remarks prove who harbours terror in Pak:Nisar

Defence min's remarks prove who harbours terror in Pak:Nisar

Defence min's remarks prove who harbours terror in Pak:Nisar

 A recent statement by a "foreign country's defence minister" was enough to prove who is harbouring terrorism in Pakistan, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said today.

"Islam is a religion of peace and harmony but few people using it for violence and we have to frustrate design of the enemies of the country," Khan said while addressing attestation parade of the Frontier Constabulary here at Shabqadar Fort.

"Recent statement of a defence minister of a foreign country was sufficient proof to prove who was harbouring terrorism in our country," Nisar said, without naming India.

It has become clear to the entire world today that who was behind these acts of terrorism in Pakistan and these are those elements who did not want to see prosper Pakistan.

"The people of Pakistan are on one page in war against terror and we will wipe out the terrorists both internal and external and the world would witness it. Establishment of peace is our collective responsibility and we will not let allow anyone to capture our land. We will give protection to the people, our Mosques," Nisar said.

While referring to Pakistan's nuclear test on May 28, 1998, which is being observed as Youm-e-Takbeer, a national day, the minister said, "Today is a historic day as on this day we made our defence impregnable and nobody could date to cast an ugly eye on our country".

Last week, Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had said India will take "pro-active" steps to prevent a 26/11- type attacks hatched from a foreign soil.

"We have to neutralise terrorists through terrorists only. Why can't we do it? We should do it. Why does my soldier have to do it?" he had said.

Nisar's remarks follows a series of statements by Pakistani leaders expressing anger over Parrikar's remarks.

Yesterday, a parliamentary committee passed a resolution condemning Parrikar's remarks and asked the government to take up the matter with the UN Security Council.