Jeweller's screams avert robbery

Goons leave bag containing gun, cartridges while fleeing

A jeweller averted a robbery at his showroom by pushing away one of the robbers and raising an alarm in east Delhi.

While fleeing, the robbers left behind a bag containing a pistol and ammunition.
The incident took place in Vishwas Nagar where victim Mohit Verma lives with his family.
He runs a jewellery shop on the ground floor of the same building.

Verma was inside his shop around 2.30 pm on Saturday when four well-built men strode into his showroom.

One of them shook his hand while another placed a black tourist bag on the counter and ordered Verma to fill the bag with all the valuables without any noise.
Verma immediately understood the scenario and requested them to wait for a moment before he could begin filling their bag with jewellery.

But the minor delay made the two robbers pull out their pistols and point them at him.
Jumped out of window

The jeweller, however, managed to jump out of his showroom through a window.
He entered his house, raised an alarm before rushing out.

“One of the robbers tried to obstruct me, but I pushed him away and managed to go out of the showroom,” said Verma.

Once outside, he began screaming to draw the attention of the locals.
This made the robbers leave the showroom and speed away on two motorcycles parked outside.

Verma then called the police control room number.
When he returned to his showroom, he found the bag left behind.

It contained two pairs of surgical gloves, a country-made pistol and cartridges.
Police have seized the bag and registered a case.

However, the absence of CCTV cameras in the showroom could not provide immediate clues  the suspects.

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