Resuming lost romance?

Resuming lost romance?

Filmi Fundas

Resuming lost romance?

Nick JonasThe Jonas Brothers’’ star, 17, who is currently playing a series of gigs around the US with his new band, Nick Jonas and The Administration, reportedly dated Gomez in secret for nearly a year before parting ways last February.

And speculation is growing that they are a couple once again after Gomez, also 17, was seen stepping off Jonas’ tour bus with him ahead of a concert in Detroit, Michigan recently. Gomez was later spotted in the crowd at the show with Jonas’ father, Kevin Jonas Sr and also accompanied her rumoured boyfriend to a gig in Chicago, Illinois. Jonas has dated another famous teen star, Miley Cyrus. That romance ended in 2007.

Naseer’s long locks

Stylist Sapna Bhavani reveals how she created Naseeruddin Shah’s sensational look for an upcoming film. Naseer has been creating a stir sporting dreadlocks; a look  that Sapna styled for the Anup Kurien directed — Hunt. It is a Malayalam-English thriller set on a hash plantation.

Adds Bhavani, “He was cool with our suggestion, which is rare in Bollywood. Plus, he carried it off really well,” she recollects.

“As hairdressers, we think of crazy ideas constantly, but the personalities must be able to pull it off. In Naseer’s case, it worked  wonders. Everyone has been talking about it. It’s my best Bollywood makeover, ever,” exclaims Sapna Bhavani.

‘Bono is hated in Britain’ 

Legendary music producer Brian Eno says that he is convinced U2 frontman Bono is “hated” in Britain, because the public can’t stand seeing a pop star meddle in international affairs. The Irish rocker is well known for his humanitarian work and philanthropic efforts over the years, and he has also met with a string of high profile world leaders, including former US President George W Bush, as part of his campaigning.

But Eno believes that the singer’s attempts to dabble in world politics have made him unpopular in the UK, because Britishers think he should stick to making music. “Bono commits the crime of rising above your station. To the British, it’s the worst thing you can do,” said Eno. “Bono is hated for doing something considered unbecoming for a pop star — meddling in things that apparently have nothing to do with him. He has a huge ego, no doubt about it. On the other hand, he has a huge brain and a huge heart. He’s just a big kind of person. That’s not easy for some to deal with,” Eno said. “They don’t mind in Italy. They like larger-than-life people there. In most places in the world, they don’t mind him. Here (in Britain), they think he must be conning them,” he added.