Pay attention to children, not content, teachers told

Pay attention to children, not content, teachers told

Pay attention to children, not content, teachers told

 Assisting teachers to develop innovative approaches to teaching, a Singapore-based organisation, XSEED School of Tomorrow, brought together more than 400 school teachers, principals and management representatives here on Saturday for an educational conference.

The conference, ‘Education Technology to Deliver Results in Your School,’ focused on alternative approaches to teaching the existing school curriculum, be it in the CBSE or the State boards.

Encouraging teachers to focus more on the students’ learning needs than the content of the textbooks, Ashish Rajpal, founder of XSEED, observed that the teachers' role is to pay attention to children and not to the content. “Learning happens by doing, feedback and practice. Not by memorising,” he said.

Educationist Mohandas Pai, who was present on the occasion, called upon school managements and principals to provide an environment that would equip students to brace themselves to the use of technology. Over the next few years, the way people develop and even the manner of learning will change, he noted. He pointed out that the focus in the future would be on differentiated learning.

At the event, the company launched a mobile app called ‘XSEED Blue,’ that assists teachers in providing real-time analytics and feedback on teaching quality in the classroom.

In addition, it would also be bringing out a bilingual manual with a concise 50-word lesson plan.

The seminar will be conducted in Pune, Hyderabad, Madurai, Cochin, Mumbai, Vijaywada and Chennai.