The green grass of home

The green grass of home

Terracotta trail

The green grass of home

Bengaluru has always enjoyed the limelight when its comes to new ventures, especially unique and quirky ones. ‘Zilpakala’ is one such passion and the brainchild of Raji Krishna.
  “An engineer by degree and an HR person by profession and an avid painter and gardener by choice,” Raji explains. Her 

venture, she says, is about promoting greens in and around the indoors and creating unique and eco-friendly home decors by designing various terracotta items.

    “After doing this for years for friends and family, it was not difficult for me to realise that I can consider this as a serious job shift,” says Raji.

She says, “Hailing from Jaipur, where people prefer living in individual houses with ultra-spacious balconies

(turning them into gardens), it was a little odd not to have greens and space around one. Having a passion for terracotta and clay, it was not difficult to choose the medium. Lots of colour and designs are what she prefers. “I started with small indoor pots and gradually added plants,” she says.

She specialises in indoor and outdoor plants in colourful terracotta pots. “We specialise in garden makeover, balcony patio and indoor area. It is an art which needs to be practiced, inherited and needs to be transferred to the next generation and kept alive for longer time,” she says.

   “Since childhood, I love collecting terracotta Ganeshas and elephants. Though I love terracotta’s original colours, I always like to add a bit of colour and sparkles,” she adds. For her, it is not merely a nine to five job. “I can even get up at 5 in the morning and start painting and go on late in the night. I like doing terracotta sculptures, do something different by painting on shoes, glass, wood, etc. I am mostly into fairy and miniature gardens. Her mother is her biggest inspiration when it comes to growing plants. “She used to grow a lot of indoor and outdoor plants in glass bottles and stone planters.

I guess I inherited that same passion and want to continue it by clubbing it with my painted planters. I have been getting small orders and of course they have been very motivating. ”she adds. According to her, events and fairs are good opportunities to showcase her numerous products and plants. She recalls, “Events like ‘Sunday Soul Sante’ and ‘Sampoorn’ help small-time artists and ventures to promote themselves and their handmade products. These events are also appropriate places to get instant feedback. ”