Cover it up in style

Cover it up in style

Cover it up in style

There are needs and there are wants. But the thin line that exists between the two seems to be disappearing and every other thing has become a need. One such ‘need’, which nags us even in our sleep, is a smartphone.

These phones are cared for and loved, sometimes more than people. They have become a judge of one’s social status and now, the tech-savvy are dressing them to give them a unique and personal identity. The increased sales of smartphones are pumping up the mobile accessory business and there are a number of designers emerging, exclusively to design mobile cases and covers.

‘Daily Objects’ is an online store that sells premium and customised designer phone cases, made by artists from across the world. They have around 5,000 artists who strive to raise the bar for product design and originality of mobile cases. Says Shantanu, one of the employees of ‘Daily Objects, “We have designs carved out for more than 130 different smartphones. There are special wooden covers for iPhones that are popular among the crowd and are carved out of bamboo, cherry and maplewood. Bollywood, fashion, style, music, superheroes and many other quirky patterns are a huge hit on phone covers.”

Gramophones, cameras, wildlife, dreamcatchers, nature and many more, the store has unmatched designs on cases for everyone and he says that the business is booming.
While they all look fancy, do they actually protect the phones? He says, “We provide life-time warranty for many cases and they are manufactured using advanced technology that prevents the designs from peeling off.”

Nisrin, an entrepreneur, likes her phone cover to be different from the rest. “Phone cases have to be fashionable and fancy. No more do we use phone cases just for protection. They can make a bold statement and I want my phone to look better than that of others. 

The cases add a personal touch to the ever-partnering phones.” There are many who customise their phone cases with personal photographs to give them a noteable identity.
Vaishak, the owner of ‘Leviathan Customz’, provides his clients with customised phone covers and adds that extra touch to the most “valued and respected electronic device”.

Akanksha, a professional, has a huge collection of unique phone cases and she can be termed ‘case crazy’. She says, “I have butter fingers and I keep dropping my phone. This is the reason I have a collection of phone cases and I keep changing them.” While she buys the cases to protect her phone, she also makes sure to pick the best ones with distinctive and peculiar designs. She adds, “I love big covers and I like to pick the ones that are not common. People might have the same model, but I want to make sure that no one has the same phone cover.”

Raaj Gowda, a professional, feels that phone cases show one’s love for art and people pick up cases that they can relate to. He adds, “I like Bob Marley and what better than having his picture on my phone? Phone cases, basically made for protection, are now here to make statements and turn heads around when you take out your phones.”
Protection or style statement, phone cases are selling like hot cakes and are letting the phones talk louder.