Of life and its nuances

Of life and its nuances

Bold contours

Artist Nawal Kishore’s exhibition titled Life Series hosted by Ekaani Arts, depicts the nuances of life which we, otherwise, seem to neglect.

The artist strives to make viewers acknowledge and, indeed, appreciate the very small things in life that can affect our lives. “I’ve focused on the shades of life which we never concede. Suppose, one morning when you wake up and open the tap, and you find no water, it will affect the rest of your day. Similarly, if you lose your car keys, it can lead you into great stress. My paintings deal with such subjects, with an attempt to make people realise the importance of small happenings in lie,” Kishore tells Metrolife.

A look at the paintings reveal the artist’s love for feminine form, as paintings mostly feature female figures. The overlapping faces and the geometrical figures used in the paintings, make the artwork abstract in nature.

Commenting on the use of bold colours, the artist says, “A person never gets nervous if he adapts various colours of life. I believe bright colours radiate energy and positivity and this is the reason why I preferred these. Also I’ve used black colour only in prominent places which indicates the depth of what nature posseses.”

In one of his paintings, a female is seen holding a cube in her hand. Explaining this, Kishore says, “Our entire life is a game and the cube holds a vital role in our lives. Agar kisi ne ise suljha diya to woh khiladi, aur agar na kar paye to wo annadi (if one can solve it, he is a winner and if not he’s a loser).

Saurabh Garg, owner of Ekaani Arts shares, “I know Nawal Kishore for the past ten years and since then he has evolved a lot. I’ve seen his earlier exhibition which was based on religious beliefs depicted in a modern art form. It really interested me and I called Kishore to showcase his next work here.”

The exhibition is on till 22 August at Ekaani Arts, Defence Colony.