Striking the right balance

Striking the right balance

Haute style

Striking the right balance

Being different is in the DNA of ‘VOI Jeans’. The brand consciously chooses to veer off the beaten path to interpret and give a different twist to jeans. It believes in engineering clothes to fit the wearer and applies this scientific reasoning to the art of denim-making creating in the process, alternative styles that are edgy and futuristic.

A blend of art and creativity  

VOI’ literally translates to ‘you’ in Italian and the design team at VOI focusses on sketching designs and engineering each piece of garment to perfectly fit the wearer. VOI Jeans was founded in 1988, by three brothers from Preston, UK. It stemmed from their desire to create a distinct denim style. But what got them thinking was the Italians’ passion for fashion, denims and a sense of style.   

Talking about what sets them apart, Pramod Ampar, Creative Director, says that the target group of the brand are men and women aged between 23 and 30 years.

   “We go beyond the basic five-pocket concept of the jeans and concentrate on engineering fits. People want to look and feel good. We give them exactly what they want.”    

The latest collection features four distinct designs – ‘ID series’, ‘Art series’, ‘Trend series’ and ‘Indigo’.

   The ‘ID series’ draws its inspiration from nature, brings contrasting elements together and creates a noisy yet artful clash.

    ‘Indigo’ reflects the brand’s denim attitude. It comprises clean and basic styles with subtle detailing.

   The ‘Trend series’ emphasises typography art which comprises 3D prints and graphics in core trend colours of cherry tomato and clinique blue.

   The ‘Art series’ bring together a psychedelic range of pieces with graphic prints and clean silhouettes.

   Pramod explains that they have married art and design by chalking out a collection that reflects the artworks of popular artists. Nobody has attempted something like this so we thought we should give it a shot and it has clicked among the regulars who shop with us,” says Pramod.   

Pramod also feels that both men and women have strong individual preferences and tastes when it comes to fashion. “Men have become just as conscious and choosy as women when it comes to matching it right and keeping pace with the latest,” he says. He also feels that it is not only important to dress well but also accessorise right. “The brand offers an envious range of accessories that goes with every occasion,” he says.

Rohit Lohmod, a student of BA, Christ University, picked up a blue and white hooded shirt and matched it with light trousers.
Punchline: “The shirt is comfortable and fits well. What I have noticed is that the denims are not only cut and shaped well but also leave the wearer feeling confident.”
Price: Shirt (Rs 2,099) and trousers (Rs 2,499).

Farah Magi, a student of second-year BA, Mount Carmel College, slipped into a round-neck printed T-shirt and contrasted it with blade dark skinny denims.

Punchline: “The brand has come up with some innovative designs in the T-shirt category. I really admire the way they’ve played around with colours, cuts and designs to come up with really funky stuff.” 
Price: T-shirt (Rs 1,299) and jeans (Rs 1,799).

Naser Nazimi, a student of third-year BBM, Indian Academy Degree College, wore a denim jacket, a ‘constructed slim fit shirt’ and classic five-pocket denims.
Punchline: “The many colours that the brand stocks in jeans, jackets and shirts are attractive. The variety is such that you can really play around with the accessories, especially the shoes.”
Price: Jacket (Rs 28,992), white shirt (Rs 22,993) and jeans (Rs 2,899).

Ana Arif, a student of second-year Interior Design Management, Mount Carmel College, chose to wear a knit fabric denim jacket, white shirt and skinny fit jeans.
Punchline: “The denim jacket paired with the white shirt and skinny jeans look attractive. I could wear it to a party or when tweaked a little, even for a brunch. You wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for something that is trendy and fashionable.”
Price:  Jacket (Rs 28,992), white shirt  (Rs 1,699) and jeans  (Rs 1,999).

Bhanu Adhikari, a student of second-year BSc, FAD, Army Institute of Fashion Design, chose to sport a round-neck T-shirt and match it with black ‘constructed sweatpants.’
Punchline: “The clothes have an identity of their own and every cut has a definite meaning. It’s cool and comfortable. It also fits the pocket perfectly.”
Price: T-shirt  (Rs 899) and sweat pants (Rs 1,899).

Rachika Dahiya, a student of second-year BSc, FAD, Army Institute of Fashion Design, wore a white T-shirt with a typography art print and paired it with a light-coloured skinny fit jeans.
Punchline: “The print of the T-shirt is quirky and goes well with the denims. The bright-coloured top can be matched with just about any dark pants and even a short skirt. I really like the look and feel of this outfit.”
Price: T-shirt (Rs 899) and denims (Rs 1,899).

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