Striking the right balance

Last Updated 08 June 2017, 18:32 IST

The importance of colours in a home can hardly be over emphasised. However, while this is an important decor element, it is also something that can clutter your home if not done right. The key then, is to balance colours, and experts tell us just how to do it.

Do it right

To begin with, the usage of a light to medium colour palette is safer than the ones with dark and bold colour ones in order to balance and harmonise the decor. Choose a colour palette of three or four colours to style your room using different shades of these. If the colours chosen for furniture and accessories are darker, then, use walls in neutral and pastel colours to give an illusion of more space and a good balance of colours. For cosy spaces, one can use dark colours on walls, but still keep the soft furnishings neutral,” advices Vaishnavi Pratima, founder, Vaishnavipratima Interiors Studio, Mumbai.

However, finding the right colour scheme can be a tedious task if you are not aware of colour coordination. “The best way is to play safe and opt for subtle tones. When you set out to decorate the room, the only way to add colours are through walls, furnishings and decor pieces. Happy hues like accent pink, turquoise blue and kale blend well with yellow, light mustard, rust orange and even crimson,” says Ashish Gupta, director, InLiving.

Vastu matters

Colours are important to uplift the right mood of the space. “In Vastu, each direction is ruled by a planet. For example, west is ruled by the planet Saturn and the colour associated with Saturn is blue or black. So, for the west direction, one should use shades of blue or black to create a balance in the house,” says Vastu expert Ridhi Bahl.

It also helps in creating harmony and balance when used in the right order. Pooja Bihani, founder and principal designer, Spaces and Design adds, “Colours on the walls are not only a statement, but also have feng shui properties and a response to the user in the habitat. Strategic and smart usage of colour can really enhance the life of the user in their environs and also give a great aesthetic appeal.”

Trend check

Neutrals will trend this year. “Whites, beiges, pale greys, camel, and blush pink are super on-trend. Grey was a prominent colour in 2016 interiors, and it will continue to reign in 2017. We see different tones of grey, a lot of grey and white, and grey in deeper colours. It’s the sort of colour that complements a full spectrum of shades, from bold red to ivory,” says Gaurav Sanghvi, joint managing director, Pentaspace Interiors+AAPL.

Mushroom is the next big neutral colour. “Try it in your bedroom for the ultimate neutral colour walls and accentuate with colours like burnt orange, deep blue and dark grey. One can never get enough of those blues. Mix with different hues of blues to add drama to your house,” says Mrinmayee Kundalia, director, TUNI Interiors.

Balancing act

Tina S Menda, lead interior designer, Unishire, avers, “Creating balance in colours can start small with throw pillows, lamp shades and tablecloths, and can be achieved with inexpensive additions such as artwork on the walls and flowers in a vase.” Today, monochrome is the fashion and the focal point of the room is bright and colourful. “A monochrome sofa could be accented with bright cushions. And colourful paintings and wall art can be used in a subtle non-colourful room,” says Ekansh Bansal, architect, eb+D Designs. Filippo Ricci, creative director, Stefano Ricci, advices, “Our choice is based on a balance between all different elements. We propose tones of brown Californian briar root wood with travertine marble, or alternatively, black Californian briar root wood with pietra serena.”

Ideas galore

Warm colours and cool tones often go well together, creating a tasteful balance. But choose one contrasting pair rather than complicating things with too many combinations. “Make it a point to include various textures in the same space. You’ll notice that this creates more depth and interest in the room. For example, you can easily match a plush rug with leather furnishings. You can match textured pillows with smooth, soft upholstery,” says Kunal Mehta, co-founder, Kanchi by Shobhna and Kunal Mehta.

“Light is an essential part of balancing colour. A coloured light can help change the whole ambience of a home, and quirky lighting is the best way to showcase the creativity,” says Priyanka Das, network partner – PR Profession, GolinOpinion. So, go ahead and add a dash of colour to your home.

(Published 08 June 2017, 16:21 IST)

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