Cong attacks Modi for anti-UPA remarks in UAE

Cong attacks Modi for anti-UPA remarks in UAE

Cong attacks Modi for anti-UPA remarks in UAE

The Congress party on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to lost his mental balance whenever he set foot on foreign soil.

The opposition party’s latest outburst against Modi came after his comments in the UAE that he inherited an administration known for “indecision and lethargy” from the previous government.

“Whenever the prime minister steps on foreign soil, he seems to lose his mental balance,” AICC spokesperson and former Union minister R P N Singh told reporters here.

The Congress leader accused Modi of earning the dubious distinction of berating and insulting his predecessors on foreign soil.

Singh recalled that the prime minister had made controversial remarks by raking domestic politics while on official tours of Germany, Canada and China earlier.

In Germany, the prime minister had said that India was “begging earlier and will not beg any more”.  In Canada, Modi had said that before he became prime minister, it was “scam India” and he inherited filth and corruption. In China, he had claimed that people had at one point of time consider it as “misfortune” to be born in India and “shameful” to be called an Indian, Singh said referring to Modi’s foreign tours.

“The prime minister should be cautious of the dignity of his office,” senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said, adding that Modi was “infected with a mindset that is not healthy”.
Addressing business leaders in the UAE, Modi had said that he had inherited problems of indecision, lethargy from the previous government and he was working to fix that.