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Last Updated : 27 August 2015, 18:34 IST
Last Updated : 27 August 2015, 18:34 IST

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Have you ever thought of sprucing up your home’s interiors with metal? If you have, Natasha Menezes gives you some pointers as to how you could incorporate it in just about any space with style.

When you put the two words metal and residence together, what is the first thing that comes your mind? Industrial feel, exposed piping, usage of iron girders or perhaps, stainless steel kitchens and chrome taps? If these are some of the images that come to your mind, you are unfortunately, ‘out of fashion’. Today, metal is slowly gaining momentum in the world of home decor in a variety of ways – think flooring, ceiling, appliances and furniture.

“Today’s home decor spells of the usage of metal as a popular design requirement within the confines of a home. From a kitchen that sports stainless steel finishes in the form of appliances to a five-star property’s bathroom, which has beautiful metallic hardware, metal is indeed becoming a regular home decor affair. This trend is especially visible in the kitchen and bathroom, two of the most important rooms of a home,” says Parul Amla, Antrik Design Studio, an interior design house in New Delhi.

In all its glory

As a material, metal can be used extensively across your home, right from bookshelves to furniture to tiles and lighting. Although it is not the cheapest material to work with, with some minor hacks, you can have your own custom-made versions defined within your abode.

Here are some tips on how you could incorporate metal in your home, and add that special ‘oomph’ factor to your space:

l You can start by using metal backsplash in your kitchen right behind the gas stove. Metal backsplashes used in minor quantities will add a dash of vigour to your room. You can also opt for metal accents in between matte-finished tiles to balance out the opulent look.

l Metallic wallpapers are now being used by interior decorators on walls to invite warmth and lustre. It can also be used in tiling and carpeting, which adds to the richness and lightness of a room.

l Metal architectural brackets are good add-ons for shelves and will add pizzazz to an otherwise lacklustre cabinet. Consider metallic spray paint in different shades to give a more vintage look to old brackets.

l Adorn the front entrance of your home with a wrought iron bench to welcome your guests. As the benches come in varying sizes, choose the one that is most apt for your home.

l Install door hardware that comes in metal finishes like bronze or brushed nickel for a transformed look. For ease of use, opt for a pull down handle rather than a turn knob handle.

l Try lighting up your abode with chandeliers, wall sconces or pendant lighting that have complementary metal within it to bring about a formal or casual feel.

l One of the most common metal decorations are picture frames, which can be loud or subtle, depending on your taste. Create a visually aesthetic wall or table by using picture frames in various sizes and shapes.

l To create a romantic atmosphere, consider using wrought iron headboards and footboards. You can also install a wrought iron canopy and decorate it with drapes. When it combines with soft linen and materials, wrought iron converts from a hard edge into a more welcoming and romantic material.

l Your garden is another area that can be transformed by the mere addition of metal ornaments like metal pails, planters or trash cans. You can either leave them as they are or add a dash of colour by painting over them.

l One of the latest trends in interiors is to use metal office furniture. An uncanny trend, but when you combine metal office chairs with rustic wooden tables it creates a unique dining area. These can easily be found at second-hand shops and be renovated very easily.
l Another up and coming trend is stainless steel kitchen tops. They come in various designs, so pick one that best suits your taste and preferences. Do remember that metal conducts heat and hence will be unsafe to touch, so place an alternate counter to stock your pots and pans.

l Brighten up the curb appeal of your front entrance with metallic house numbers. Architectural lettering, plaques and signboards carrying your house number creates intrigue and visual interest.

l Upgrade your plumbing fixtures with modern metals in complementary styles like matte, shine or brushed nickel, brass, copper or bronze.

l Compliment your kitchen and bath cabinet doors with metal pulls. If you want a more sleek and contemporary appeal, consider thin-and-long-brushed nickel door pulls. And for a more traditional appeal, use large and dark bronze pulls. You can also mix and match different styles of metals.

Many hues

You may have thought that adorning your home with metal is a new phenomenon. But it has been around for centuries and used in homes since the medieval times, when wrought irons were used to decorate homes.

The twentieth century saw the use of metal accents in chandeliers, lamps, wall scones and sculptures, specifically in the ’60s and ’70s. In fact, gold and brass became the ’80s’ most fashionable metal.

Aside from what kind of metal one can use in a home, it is also important to note the colour of the material. For instance, in the ‘90s, one saw the shades of silver that were made from satin or black nickel or pewter. While today, one can see a wide variety of colours are being used, especially variations of gold and silver can be seen used in bathroom faucets and hardware.

This season, colours are expected to have warm undertones of orange and brown in rust, antique copper, and bronze. Further, colour professionals anticipate that metal mixtures like gold/chrome and brass/pewter will generate a lot of excitement and add warmth to many residential spaces.

Metal, in whatever form and colour, will add a certain vibrancy to your home’s decor. With its flexibility as a material, you can be assured that your home will be completely transformed into a more dynamic living space.

It’s the metal age for your home. So, what are you waiting for?

Published 27 August 2015, 16:46 IST

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