That's a wrap!

Scarf truths

That's a wrap!

The onset of winters has always seen a rise in the sales of scarves. It used to be a necessity but now it has become a style statement. A simple scarf worn in a beautiful knot can give an extra edge to your outfit. From woollen scarves to printed chiffon ones, each has become a necessary element in our wardrobes.

Bright quirky colours, funky designs and patterns in crepe, chiffon and cotton, you will find a vast variety to choose from when it comes to scarves. “It is a fashion statement. You can wear it with Western wear as well as team it with Indian attires. A printed scarf with kurti and jeans makes an ideal outfit of the day for me. It gives me a desi edge in a modern twist,” says Chethna Sethia, a student.

Another student, Sahiba Cuccria, is a fashionista who loves experimenting with her looks and says, “Scarves can add an oomph factor to any outfit. It can transform any piece of clothing from dull and drab to interesting and chic. One can wrap it around the neck or tuck it inside their jacket. One can even try different kinds of knots with scarves. There are so many different knots that you can make with them. So to me, scarves are a great accessory to experiment with.”

And it’s not just the ladies who love having that beautiful knot around their necks,  boys also love styling their outfits with a simple scarf. It makes their outfit look much more casual and outgoing. It portrays an element of ease. “A scarf makes my solid tee and jeans look great and adds an element of sophistication. Pair it with my aviators and am good to go for the day,” says Alex Mathew, a professional photographer.

A scarf can make a statement for you, about you. “It defines a person, it shows that they are ready to experiment with their looks and is very stylish. It portrays confidence and attitude at the same time. They don’t need any other accessory to make a statement. A perfect knot with a simple outfit is a statement in itself,” says Sayana James, a school student.

Besides being a fashion statement, a scarf is also a protective layer of clothing that keeps the skin safe from sunlight and dust. It is a perfect travel partner and “adds style when worn with an appropriate outfit. It keeps one comfortable and gives a modest appearance. I always carry a scarf with me whenever I go out of my house. It helps to keep my skin clean as the air is really polluted,” says Anmi Elizabeth, a

“I believe that every one should have at least one scarf in their wardrobe, whether they are boys or girls. Its a good fashion accessory and can be worn with any outfit. It can make a good outfit great. Keep it simple and it can make your day. Don’t over do it when it comes to scarves,” sums up Gagan Bains.       

Ready to rock!

Classic knot

Step 1: Fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck.
Step 2: Take one loose end and put it through the loop.
Step 3: Twist the loop and put the other end through it. You got the perfect classic knot around you.

One-sided wrap

(Use silk or cotton silk scarf)
Step 1: Put the scarf around your neck, the right end should be longer than the left end.
Step 2: Take the left end and tie a knot.
Step 3: Take the right end and pleat it.
Step 4: Put the pleats through the knot on the left end and tighten it. The pleats will flow from one side giving you a beautiful and elegant look.

Rope knot

Step 1: Take a scarf and wrap it twice around y our neck so that the two ends are hanging on your sides.
Step 2:  Take the right end and put it through the loop again and again till it’s wrapped around the loop.
Step 3: Repeat it with the left side. You got a perfect rope knot around your neck. It gives you a rough edge look.

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