Walkathon organised for arthritis patients

Walkathon organised for arthritis patients

KMC Hospitals organised a walkathon for 30 patients who had undergone treatment for arthritis, joint replacement or other drug treatments.

KMC Hospital Joint Replacement Surgeon and Sports Injury-Arthroscopy Specialist Dr Yogeesh D Kamat said that the walkathon by patients who have undergone hip and knee replacement surgeries breaks the myth that such patients cannot lead a normal life post-surgery.

“What needs to be understood about the surgery is that early and right diagnosis can prevent arthritis from developing. There is a range of rehabilitation techniques as well as minor surgeries done with Arthroscopy techniques, which, if undertaken at the right time, can prevent severe joint damage in younger patients. These surgeries for patients riddled with severe end-stage arthritis have been certified worldwide as among the best of all surgeries in terms of quality of life,” he explained.

Dr Sajjan Shenoy N, the KMC Hospital Immunology and Rheumatology Specialist, said that patients develop pain and swelling of single or multiple joints including the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, hips, knees, ankles and the feet.

“Persistent backache can also be due to arthritis of the back joints. If left untreated, the pain and limitation can become so severe that patients, no matter how young they are, become bedridden and, if not treated, can end up with permanent damage in the joints as well as deformities and disability,” said the doctor. The event witnessed a participation of 30 patients.