'Mangaluru Darshana to be released in December'

'Mangaluru Darshana to be released in December'

'Mangaluru Darshana to be released in December'

Hampi Kannada University former vice chancellor and the chief editor of ‘Mangaluru Darshana’ Prof B A Vivek Rai said that the book which describes the history and heritage, will be released in three volumes by December end. The project was started in July 1, 2014 and is the final stage.

Addressing reporters at Mangalore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) office here on Monday, he said that the total number of pages of the voluminous book is around 2,030.

The first volume comprises information about the landscape of Mangaluru and there are articles about flora and fauna, kings who ruled the region, temples and Daivasthanas, linguistic communities and organizations and unique old pictures of the city collected from Karnataka Theological College and around 212 people were interviewed.

“The second volume will be about the Mangaluru city. Unique informations like names of around 600 roads, 550 residential complexes, history of Mangalore City Corporation which was formed in 1864, development of traffic system, history of MUDA, history of Basel Mission, background of Mangalore University and other old education institutions, media and about regional channels will be given in the second volume,” he explained.

“The third volume is on language, literature and personalities of the region. There are articles on Tulu, Konkani, Beary language and literature. Dr Prabhakar Joshi has written on Yakshagana, Tamma Laxmana has written on Tulu cinema and Eshwaraiah has written on classical music. Writers have shared information about cinema and hotel industry in City. Information about the achievements of Mangaluru-based people, information about the visit of dignitaries to city, interview of around 203 people will be a part of third volume, he added.

MUDA Commissioner Mohammed Nazeer said that the MUDA would print around 2,000 copies of ‘Mangaluru Darshana’ in the first phase. MUDA is yet to decide on price. Book will be helpful for the researchers.

Complimentary copy would be provided to all college libraries and will be provided at an affordable price to public. There is a scope for feedback also, he added.