'All my efforts are slowly paying off'

'All my efforts are slowly paying off'

'All my efforts are slowly paying off'
It’s one thing to act and a different ball game altogether to sing. Sandalwood actor SriiMurali, who has been deeply involved with his upcoming project ‘Rathaavara’, is excited that the movie and song teaser, for which he lent his voice, went viral recently.

While singing with perfection was a challenging task, he is pleased that his audience has received the song with open arms. The song is called ‘Hudugi Kannu Loaded Gunuh’ and the actor, who “likes to try new things”, says that it was a learning experience. “When I heard the song, I immediately told my team that I wanted to sing it. They were really excited and that had me worried for a second. I told them not to have high expectations. I sung the song twice, and it was during my third attempt that I felt I had done some justice to it,” he explains. This was the first time he has sung for a movie and SriiMurali says that it was a different experience. “The first version of the song sounded kiddish to me; I wasn’t convinced. The second version was ‘just okay’, but I’m not sure if anyone would have bothered to listen to it.

The third time, I made my music director also come to the studio. He guided me through it. I’m an infant when it comes to music and it wasn’t easy. But everyone liked this version and the feeling is just great.”

Singing a song that also features him has been a memory that he will always cherish. “Lending expressions to a song and getting it right is a big responsibility.” The responses online have been encouraging and he says that he looks forward to singing in his upcoming projects too. “There was a lot of preparation involved. I would get up early and take care of my voice. My wife would advise me to not talk much to rest it,” he says with a smile. When he listens to the song now, SriiMurali still thinks that he could have done a better job. “But that is how I am,” he adds.  He has been very happy with his children’s reaction to the song too. “My daughter starts dancing whenever she hears it and it’s too cute and endearing to put it in words.”

SriiMurali, who has been involved with the project for a year, says that he has “mixed feelings” about the project hitting the screens soon.  “I feel positive and confident with each passing day. It’s like all my efforts are slowly paying off. I’m very excited! All these months, I wanted to know what the film had in store for me and now, I’m nervous yet excited to see how it will be accepted by the viewers.”

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