Lights, camera, action

Lights, camera, action

Lights, camera, action

It’s hard to decode what goes behind stand-up comedian Naveen Richard’s curly hair. He really puts a multi-tasker to shame; what with being a law graduate, theatre artiste with ‘Evam Entertainment’, actor and a ‘landlady’, a character he recently portrayed on his YouTube channel ‘ThemBoxerShorts’. If variety is really the spice of life, Naveen’s long bio-data can give anyone a run for their money.

Although, he decided to take up stand-up comedy as a career only towards the final year of his college, Naveen has been funny as long as he can remember. He feels he is at home with what he is doing currently: writing jokes and making people laugh!

Does the competition in the stand-up scene scare you?

No. One has to be original and carve out a niche for themselves to grow in comedy. If one goes on writing generic material in stand up they will be lost. I’m confident of growing and garnering my fan base.

Is there a certain pattern you follow while deriving your material?

I started through observational comedy. My jokes were about different communities and relatives. Now, I am working on material comprising observational comedy and personal experiences. This is something I really enjoy doing.

Recall your worst show...

I have bombed many times and all those experiences were painful. But a difficult show was on a New Year eve, where I had to continue after the audience was drunk. They were dancing, making noise and the show turned into a complete riot!

How do you find the audience in Bengaluru?

I love the audience here. It’s nice to perform at venues like ‘Humming Tree’ and ‘BFlat’ as the crowd is informed and understand certain side jokes and nuances. So in terms of audience, this is one of my favourite cities to perform in.

Is stand-up comedy the new engineering or new DSLR?

I think the growth that stand-up is seeing right now is just a phase. It will all filter and stabilise soon.

Your worst date ever?

Make it worst break up ever. I broke up on Valentine’s Day.

What if most people walk out in between your show?

It has happened once. There were about 500 people. The organisers suddenly announced dinner and 480 people walked out. I performed for the rest of them. The show must go on as I had to get paid.

If not a comedian then...?

A race car driver or an automobile journalist.

The three things you would wish for if you were stranded on an island...

Natalie Portman, a shady hut with a fan and Natalie Portman.

How do you think the world will end?

Mother Nature is going to give up on us and hit us with another big meteor like she did with dinosaurs.

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