Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap

Groovy beats

Bridging the gap

Five years ago, a group of friends got together for a jam session. One thing led to another and before they knew what was happening, they began jamming regularly. It didn’t take long after that for Danny, Prathap, Roy and I dress to start ‘Brim River Bridge’ (B.R.B).

Their sound synchronised so well that even Time couldn’t tear them apart. Prathap, on bass and vocals, says that this is one of their highlights.

     “There are many bands in the City but not all of them stay together for long. This is something we never had to worry about because we get along really well.”

     Their music and friendship has only grown with the passing of time. The other members are Danny on guitars, Roy on guitars and vocals and Idress on drums.

B.R.B’s music is primarily hard rock, soft rock and alternative. The band takes pride in their music as, “We wanted our music to sound different. We’ve taken pop songs and given them a rock twist, which makes it more likeable for the audience,” Prathap explains. Singers like John Mayer and Keith Urban are some who the members look up to.

“We also take inspiration from bands like ‘Metallica’, ‘Creed’ and more. All of us listen to similar music so we are all on the same playing field,” he adds. It’s this chemistry that got them thinking and a ‘why not’ came into the picture. The rest is history — a long one in terms of band years. Explaining the name, Prathap says, “We chose ‘brim’ because that’s how our music is — it’s brimming over. The audience is the ‘river’ and the connection we share with them is the ‘bridge’.”

While they do covers of popular songs, they have at least 12 own compositions. “It’s not sentimental stuff; our lyrics always convey a message. ‘High Water’ was for the tsunami victims; it was our way of shouting out to the universe about why such natural calamities take place. ‘Silence’ is about betrayal and how life can change in one minute. We also have a love song but it’s not the sentimental kind. And there’s a song called ‘Victory’ which is about how much we have grown as a band.” ‘No Regrets’ is a song that many youngsters can relate to.

“It’s a song for the children who grew up in the 80s and 90s. We had the best of both worlds then and we have no regrets about how we spent our time,” adds Prathap.

He emphasises on how they don’t have to practice before a gig because they are always on the same page. With well-blended guitar riffs, perfectly placed drum beats and vocals that don’t overpower the other members, it is a band to keep in mind when one is looking for a relaxed yet hard sound.