Unique fetishes of Bollywood celebrities

Unique fetishes of Bollywood celebrities

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When it comes to Bollywood actors or any celebrity, everything about them becomes a must-know fact for their fans. What they wear, how they speak, where they go and so on. Their admirers are always curious to know more about them. We are talking about the stars’ ‘unique’ fetishes. Talking to Metrolife, these five celebrities reveal their fetishes which not many people know.

 Neil Nitin Mukesh:

  The fairest-of-the-fair actor likes to collect vintage sticks.
He says, “I think, I could have about 50 of them now. This liking towards sticks is somewhere linked to my childhood. It started off with my grandmother giving me a few of my grandfathers’ teakwood walking sticks carved in gold. I still have it with me and is my favourite one, so holds the most important position in my study room. It’s been a habit since then. Every time I travel I tend to pick up a unique looking one, sometimes from smaller boutiques and sometimes from malls, and add
it to my collection.”

 Rannvijay Singh: The cool and dashing TV host, actor is obsessed with shoes.
“I’m what they call a ‘sneakerhead’. I have around 150 pairs of sneakers and sport shoes, most of which are of the brand Air Jordan. I’ve always been a sports person and an adventure enthusiast for whom sports shoes are a must. From there comes my liking for them. While I used to play basketball in my early days, I wore Air Jordon’s shoes and hence the liking for the brand. Now wherever I go — Japan, Dubai, US — I try to get the new ones. I love them like my children,” notes Rannvijay.
 Rajniesh Duggall: The model-turned-actor has a ‘matchless’ habit of collecting ‘match boxes’.
“I try to get the match boxes from every hotel I visit. I don’t know how this thing interested me but I’ve been doing this since my college days. Starting from being a model to an actor now, wherever I have travelled, across India or the globe, I pick up these tiny
boxes. I already have a huge trunk full of them at my house. The second one is going to be full soon,” says the 34-year-old.

 Zubeen Garg: The well-known Bollywood and Assamese singing sensation is obsessed with hats.
“I’m attracted towards the concept of hats since childhood days. Though the reason is still unknown, I love collecting them, especially the traditional ones. Wherever I travel in India or in other countries, I try to get a testimony of their cultures in terms of these head gears. I have over 100 of them like the Scottish, Greek, Canadian, but among them my favourite is the Red Indian one,” says Zubeen.

 Prashantt Guptha: The 33-year-old actor is a die-hard fan of black coffee and red wine.
He says,“A mug full of black coffee or a sleeck glass of red wine is what makes me come alive. Further, if it is a piece of chocolate, with either, would have the big ‘O’ effect on me. However, the best wine I ever had was in Napa Valley, California. Chocolate should be from Interlaken in Switzerland and coffee just has to be the right measure and brewed, preferably organic. All the three grew in on me with time. They not only make me feel happy but serve as potent aphrodisiacs.”