British Council rolls out English course

Last Updated 12 January 2016, 21:02 IST

The  British Council on Tuesday introduced an English course that aims to help students and professionals improve their communication skills.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mei-kwei Barker, Director, British Council South India, said that the British Council has rolled out MyEnglish, a ‘Blended Learning Course’ for people of all age groups and backgrounds. “The course would be conducted at three levels.
Aspiring professionals and college students could benefit from the course. It is open to any one interested in picking up the skills.”     

The course commenced in Pune on pilot basis last year with 150 students. 

Vishal, a government employee in Pune, Maharashtra, used to hesitate to attend the PTA meetings in son’s school as he could not talk to teachers in English. A year ago, he enrolled into the British Council’s MyEnglish programme and today, even though he still makes grammatical errors, he is much more confident about himself. Vishal said he faced problems when it came to little things such as attending meetings. “I knew I had valid points to make. But I was hesitant to talk because of the language barrier. Now, I am faring much better, even though I am aware that I continue to make some grammatical errors.”

Presentation problems
Another student of MyEnglish, Ramachandra K, a Mathematics researcher at the University of Pune, said he that faced problems when it came to presentation.
“Ask me to talk about Thermodynamics, I can go on for hours. If I want to convey something about, say about the Syrian crisis for instance, I fumble. I am good at the technical aspect. This course has helped me communicate better and make better presentations.” Since he was a member of the British Library, he got to know about the course and immediately joined, he added.

The course is conducted in pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate levels with two parts for each level.  The course fee is Rs 10,000 per level. After Bengaluru, the course will also be rolled out in Mumbai. For details log onto

(Published 12 January 2016, 21:02 IST)

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