This gymnasium fails fitness test

This gymnasium fails fitness test

There is no dearth of sporting talent in the district. The district has produced a bunch of quality players in kabaddi kho-kho over the years. Some of them went on to represent the State and the Indian teams.

A few quality gymnasts, under the guidance of coach Sudhir Devdas, and racquet players have emerged from the city.

But the athletes from the district are drawing bank at competitive stage due to lack of practice facilities.

Yes, one look at the gymnasium at the indoor stadium near Mahatma Gandhi district stadium would make you realise why the athletes from the district faltering at big stage.
Broken bulbs, stench emanating from toilets inside greet the visitors here.

Once you step inside, you would feel that you are at an abandoned garage or a storeroom.

The multi-stage gymnasium does not have mats for training the wrestlers or others pursuing martial arts. The plates of weightlifting equipment have gathered rust and pieces of the plates are strewn all around the place.

There is a toilet facility inside the gym but the facility is uninviting.

The toilets do not have doors and the unbearable stench that emanates from the toilets would make the athletes leave the premises in a hurry.

Now, how can you expect the promising athletes or the children from sports school compete with the best in top league when they do not have access to a decent training facility.

Add to it there is physio or physical fitness trainer to guide the people visiting the gymnasium.

Free for all
Entry to the gymnasium is no restricted. It is open for all.Also, there is no register to maintain the details of the visitors.

People come here do weights and stand before mirror admiring their biceps. With no instructor, there were several incidents when the visitors were rushed to hospitals due to chest pain or stomach cramps, says a sports buff and regular visitor to the gym.

Most of the equipment have gathered rust while a few of them have gone missing. Nobody really knows what happened to several fitness equipment.

“The gymnasium was inaugurated 18 years back. Since then, it has not seen white wash or painting. The indoor stadium does not have enough lighting arrangement. Recently, badminton and gymnastics ties of inter-district PU meet were postponed for want of sufficient lighting. It is less said the better about the ventilation here,” a sportsperson, on the condition of anonymity, told Deccan Herald.

He further said, “A few influential persons were allowed to use tennis court here. But the athletes are not allowed to use the facility. Promising athletes in the district are nipped in the bud because of the apathy of the officials concerned.”

Govindappa, a regular visitor to gym says, “The authorities concerned should procure new equipment and weed out the old and absolute. They should appoint a trainer to guide the visitors and should maintain a register. People pay anywhere between Rs 300 and Rs 700 per month at private gyms. They are willing to pay for the fitness sessions at the govt-run gym. All that they need is a proper ambiance and required facility,” he added.

Brand new facility
The government has approved a proposal for a multi-purpose gymnasium at Mahatma Gandhi Stadium. A grant of Rs 15 lakh has been sanctioned for the same. But the construction of multi-storey building is yet to start.

The tenders for the multi-purpose building will be floated soon. After the process gets over we will take up construction, says Rajashekar, Nirmiti Kendra official.