Police recover stolen valuables worth Rs 61 lakh

Police recover stolen valuables worth Rs 61 lakh

In connection with theft cases registered in various police stations in the district, valuables, worth Rs 61 lakh, have been recovered. Among them, the valuables, worth Rs 55 lakh, have been returned to their owners, Superintendent of Police (SP) Dr D Sharanappa said.

He was speaking to media persons after handing over the valuables to their owners at the his office in the city on Thursday.

The property parade was held at the office after obtaining the court’s permission. The stolen articles, which are recovered by the police, are generally returned to their owners once in three years. The court has so far given permission to handover the materials worth Rs 55 lakh and permission is yet to be granted to handover the rest, he said.

The returned valuables include gold ornaments, cash, silver articles and vehicles, he said.
Sharanappa advised people not to keep gold jewels and huge amounts of cash at homes.
They should be deposited in banks. CCTV cameras of good quality have to be installed to detect thieves. Also, it is better to have valuable assets insured, he said. Additional SP Vincent Shanthakumar was present.

A demonstration on intrusion alarm system, which uses sensors to detect the intrusions and activate the siron, was done on the occasion.

The resource person said that the hidden sensors will not only activate the alarm system, but also send text messages to the police staff at the nearby police station, in case of any trespassing in houses or offices.

The 1080 resolution camera will detect the person’s movements, he added.