Irrfan hopes India sets an example in diversity

Irrfan hopes India sets an example in diversity

Bollywood actor shares thoughts on current 'disturbed' society

Irrfan hopes India sets an example in diversity

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan on Wednesday exuded confidence that India will remain diverse and set an example for the world.

Participating in an interaction organised by Rangayana theatre repertory as part of the valedictory of ‘Bahuroopi 2016’, the national theatre festival here, Irrfan said, “If we lose diversity, there is nothing left... life is full of diversity. Standardisation is a threat.”

Drawing an contrast between India and other developed countries, Irrfan said, “Despite fighting poverty and other social evils, there are no psychopaths here unlike in some countries, where they mercilessly shoot at people.”

Reacting to a query on the State interfering in every field, including cinema and theatre, he said, “Acting is about reflecting.”

On the relevance of the Censor Board, Irrfan said, “There is no sense in just continuing with archaic laws from the British era. The board is now redundant. We should ponder over the kind of censor board that suits our conditions.”

On the responsibility of actors towards society, Irrfan said, “It’s the prerogative of an individual since actors are also human beings. It’s also subjective as some actors have a series of responsibilities while some remain glued to their job as actors. However, for me, any human being has a responsibility towards himself as people can be still manipulated in the name of caste, colour and creed.”

Earlier, Irrfan said, “We (society) are still conditioned and programmed by set laws, irrespective of education in other fields.” In his valedictory address, Irrfan, while referring to the disturbance in society in general, said, “When a bad and hopeless situation still prevails, the audience present in large numbers induces a new and hopeful situation.”