'No concept of religion in RSS'

'No concept of religion in RSS'

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Coordinator of Public Relations Cell (Samparka Pramukh) of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana T S Venkatesh ruled out the charge that only people belonging to upper crust of the society dominate the RSS. 

In an interaction with mediapersons at Hotel Ocean Pearl in the city on Thursday, he said RSS does not bring in the concept of religion when it comes to the issue of nationalism. Religion or caste should not be confused for Dharma (righteousness).

 RSS stands for Dharma and there is no concept of religion in RSS, he claimed. Once a person becomes an active member of RSS, he is recognised by his service and commitment to the organisation and by the nature of the duty he performs, he added.

He said that though RSS is basically a Hindu organisation, it welcomes people from other religions provided they are willing to work for the cause of country. Once they become the RSS members, they have to respect the national song and abide by the discipline, he said. 

RSS basically considers all Indians as Hindus, but the question is whether the counterparts also think the same, he said. 

Venkatesh said RSS hols 55,000 daily shakhas, 13,000 weekly Milans and 9,000 monthly congregations. About 80,000 members take part in training camps and the organisation has 60 lakh active members, he explained.

He said that through its shakha, RSS propagates faith on the value of nationalism, cultivates discipline and provides exposure to current affairs of national importance to its members. 

It has been taking up voluntary works during natural calamities and has been carrying out various projects such as Gram Vikas, Parivar Prabodhan, Paryavaran Samrakshan for rural development, propagation of family values and environment conservation respectively, he said. 

Venkatesh said RSS’ flagship organisations like Hindu Seva Pratishthana, Rastrottana Parishat and Keshava Seva Samithi render social service through volunteers.  

Social service rendered by volunteers through its flagship organisations such as  he said. 

Responding to a query, he said the RSS accumulates funds from its Swayamsevaks or volunteers, irrespective of the organisation they belong to. 

When a person is an RSS member, it is not important whether the person is a farmer or a worker in a corporate company. It does not interfere in the internal affairs of political parties such as allotment of tickets to candidates for elections, he said. 

While clarifying that RSS opposes any sort of anti-national move, he said it could be agreed if some people are protesting against the government but, if they are protesting against the country, it is not acceptable. The act of students of JNU of raising anti-national slogans is condemnable, he said. 

The commitment of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh towards the protection of cattle, is mistaken, he said and added that RSS has been undertaking initiatives to preserve the local breeds of cattle.