Donations back, schools want Rs 3,200 to Rs 2 lakh

Donations back, schools want Rs 3,200 to Rs 2 lakh

Donations back, schools want Rs 3,200 to Rs 2 lakh

After the first list for nursery admission was released, the problem of schools asking for donations from parents under several garbs has again come to light.

Parents have complained that schools are openly asking for donations despite the name of their child appearing in the admission list. The amounts being asked in the name of ‘institute fund’ range from Rs 3,200 to Rs 2 lakh.

The name of Kamini Chopra’s child had appeared in the first list of Maxfort School, Pitampura, but she was asked an extra Rs 50,000 in the name of “institute fund”.“As I entered the school, they asked me hand over my mobile phone and any other electronic item and nobody was being allowed to carry these inside the school,” she said.

“Then they asked me to deposit Rs 50,000 in addition to the fee. I told them my child has got a seat and he is not in the management quota or waiting list, but they refused to listen,” said Kamini.

The school explicitly refused any receipt or refund of the amount and asked Kamini to “make up her mind” about it.

“I asked the officials to let me to talk to the principal but they just said I have to pay it and if I am not interested, I can leave,” she said.

Deccan Herald tried to contact the school, but the calls went unanswered.

Kamini’s child’s name also came in the list of another school. However, the story was the same.

“Adharshila School also asked a nominal amount of Rs 3,200, over and above its fee. I am reconsidering it because it’s a small amount. I hope the name comes in the second list,” she said.

Similarly, another parent, Nitin was asked to donate Rs 2 lakh to Indraprastha World School in Paschim Vihar.

“I was told to come to the school and right from the entrance things looked very suspicious. I was asked to keep my mobile phone in a locker and I think it was because so that I don’t record anything. Inside the admission counselor told us that my child has been shortlisted based on my educational background for the management quota and asked if I would like to accept,” he said.

Nitin said that since his child’s name had not appeared in any of the schools so he decided to go for the management quota seat. But later he learnt that Rs 2 lakh amount is in addition to the fee under the quota. 

“They said they would not give any receipt for it and neither will the amount be refunded,” he said.

The school has not even made public the list of candidates selected in the first list and has given a registration number for individual results, which the parents called “non-transparent”.

When contacted, Indraprastha World School denied the allegations and said “parents say whatever they want to”.

Education activist Sumit Vohra has written a letter to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia who also holds the charge of Education Department, to look into such complaints.

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