Now, purify water in bottle on the go

Now, purify water in bottle on the go

City-based entrepreneur devises two easy-to-use purifiers

Now, purify water in bottle on the go
For a frequent traveller or trekker sceptical about the quality of water that he consumes during the journey, this IISc entrepreneur in residence  has a solution. Two portable water purifiers that Vinayak Kumar has designed address the concern.

Just about the size of a one-litre water bottle, the Portable Smart Water Purifier can be a good bet for the traveller. The purifier uses a two-stage process for purification.

While the first round of purification is done using activated charcoal, in the other, water is exposed to ultraviolet light to disinfect it. This was on display at the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing of IISc as part of Open Day.

After filling the outer shell of the bottle with water, the inner shell is inserted into it slowly. Following this, a smart quality feedback system which is integrated in the system indicates the possibility of contamination and details of the contaminants.

At a given time, 700 ml of water can be purified. Apart from the battery charge, one can use solar energy to get the device functioning.

“The device has a bluetooth in it, which transmits information to a smartphone and the water quality can be analysed through conductivity,” said Kumar. The ones in the market, he said, did not get rid of the microbes nor did they have a feedback mechanism, making Kumar’s model a unique one. He said that the purifier not only kills germs but also removes unpleasant odour, colour and taste.

On similar lines works the USB-Powered UV Water Purifier. All it takes is a power-bank which is used to charge a mobile phone to have the device functional. Also, a USB cable connected to a laptop can serve the purpose. The device is yet to hit the market. “We are ready with the design and awaiting a buyer. Once out in the market, it may cost Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000,” he said.

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