A still from the film Zombieland.

Talks of “Zombieland” being a good zomcom lies in its pointlessness which turns the film into a ridiculously merry making road trip flick.

The United States of America has become ‘United States of Zombieland’ with blood thirsty zombies roaming freely across the country looking for ‘munching humans’. We have four people still not affected by the zombie virus:- College kid Columbus (Eisenberg), zombie-hunter Tallahassee (Harrelson) and two sisters Wichita (Stone) and Little Rock (Breslin) taking a road trip to Hollywood. On the way the girls steal the guys’ vehicles twice even as they are chased by zombies. Ultimately, they land together again, because the dry plot wants them to develop some bonding.

Most zomcom films used to be commentaries on politics and social issues, but this film is a rebuttal of all that. The closest it sends out a social message is when Harrelson cries for his child. However, he wraps up his tears with, “I’ve never cried like this since ‘Titanic’.” Is that funny or coarse?

The most pointless of all is the protagonists’ visit to Hollywood star Bill Murray’s home. The cameo by Murray serves no purpose at all.

Harrelson is perfect as a gun-toting obsess-ed with Hostess Twinkies. Eisenberg is tender as college kid Columbus afraid of clowns. Stone and Breslin aren’t bad either. However, if you think that “Zombieland” is a horror mov-ie you are wrong. It’s a comedy where characters run from zombies but they don’t look terrified. Director Ruben’s venture is intended to turn the table on zombie flicks and his success lies in suppressing fear and any coherent plot. “Zombieland” is dry and lazy black comedy that calls for a deep a sense of humour.

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