Hitting the right notes

Hitting the right notes

Music festival

Hitting the right notes

Bengaluru-based rock band ‘Agam’ has always been a crowd puller anywhere in the country but the geography of their fan base just got wider. The musical heartthrobs recently concluded a Dubai tour as part of the second edition of ‘Raag ‘N’ Rock’- an Indie music festival- and the band members are delighted.

Says Praveen Kumar, lead guitarist “It is always nice to play to a new crowd and at a new venue. While initially we were sceptical about the reception that our kind of music will get in a place like this, our doubts vanished with the first song. The encouragement we got from the crowd was phenomenal.”

Harish Sivaramakrishnan, vocalist, says, “It was a fantastic experience and the crowd was a very involved one. A lot of people there knew about us so the audience reaction was similar to the one we usually see in India.”“We had a wonderful time roaming about in Dubai since it was our first time there. We are a bunch of friends more than musicians in a band so such tours are always a great way to strengthen the bond we have” says Ganesh Ram Nagarajan, drummer. “We also did a live 2 hour session for a local radio station there and it was incredible.”

No band tours are complete without stories of crazy fans. But asked about such incidents, Praveen sighs. “The club in Dubai had a rule that performers can’t meet the fans. So we couldn’t speak to the people there.But our promoters took us out and we had a good time exploring the variety of food options.”

   Harish laughs, “By exploring the food he means hunting for vegetarian food. Many of the band members are vegetarians and it was funny to see them scouting around in restaurants!”

The talk turns to their new studio ‘The Space’. The studio is built in Harish’s old apartment and is any music lover’s mecca- with ultra modern decor and state-of-the-art equipment.

“Every artiste would like his own space. It was something that we had been wanting to do for years.” says Harish. “It is a nice compact space, very well-designed. And it was set up at exactly the right time since we have just started work on our second album,” says Praveen.“We wanted to move out of the makeshift area that we had for recordings and practice- which happened to be my bedroom” chuckles Ganesh. “The new studio is a more formalised place where we can just focus on our music.”

Another album in the works, a show in Muscat at the end of this month, in talks for 2 to 3 more international shows, regular gigs in India- all leading to a packed
itinerary until June. Seems like Agam is in a happy ‘space’ indeed.

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