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Striking a balance
Last Updated 14 June 2016, 18:33 IST

Over the years, the glamorous actor in Raveena Tandon has given way to a more mature one. She refused many projects because she prefers to do meaningful roles that are strong in characterisation and content. The actor, who has always managed to strike a balance between work and family, says her children will always be her priority. This is also a reason why she hasn’t committed to more than what she can handle.

She has wrapped up the shooting for ‘Maatr – The Mother’ which is based on the Nirbhaya case. She essays the role of a mother in the film. She will also play the character of Benazir Bhutto, a biopic and a socialite in ‘Shab’. In a chat with Nina C George, The actor talks about the many things that keep her going.

How do you handle criticism?
A lot of people don’t like being told the truth. I don’t make an observation or comment about what’s happening in another person’s life but I react to anything concerning my life. I have a clear conscience and that’s exactly why I am not afraid of speaking the truth.

What is your guide to staying fit and healthy?
I thrive on healthy food and stay away from aerated beverages and fried food. I run for about 45 minutes every morning and don’t miss a round of walking, swimming and cardio. I don’t believe in exercising to look anorexic but workout to stay healthy. But having said that I must add, that I do have my cheat days.

Venturing into direction...
I understand that direction is a full-time job because I have assisted my father in direction. But raising children is a 24-hour-job and I am not ready to invest a lot of time in other things. I’ve had a feel of what it is like to work on the production side. However, I haven’t ruled out the possibility of turning a director someday.

How do you strike a balance between work and responsibilities at home?  
My family will always be my priority and I don’t mind sacrificing anything for them. I’ve seen the best and the worst in the film industry and  highs and lows in my career, so it’s not like I am missing out on anything, if I don’t accept a lot of offers.

On rumours about entering politics...
I have been asked to be a part of almost all the political parties. But I‘ve declined all the offers because I believe in giving my 100% to whatever I am doing and if I am not able to do so, I don’t commit to it.

Your future projects....
I’ve completed my work  in ‘Maatr - The Mother’ which delves into the safety of women and children in our country. There have been so many cases of rape in our country but the government hasn’t done anything to prevent more such incidents. The story delves into issues related to violence against women and exposes the flaws in the judicial system. I play a socialite in another project called ‘Shab’.

(Published 14 June 2016, 17:17 IST)

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