BJP MLA objects to construction of house by Priyanka

BJP MLA objects to construction of house by Priyanka

BJP MLA objects to construction of house by Priyanka
A BJP leader of Himachal Pradesh has raised objections to the construction of a house by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Gandhi near the summer residence of the President of India here, arguing that it is a "high security zone" where such an activity is not allowed.

Suresh Bharadwaj, BJP MLA from Shimla and former state unit chief, has written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, urging him that the permission for construction of the house near the Presidential Retreat should be withdrawn.

He has said that no construction is allowed in the vicinity of either the Presidential Retreat or Kalyani helipad nearby due to security reasons and that other people had been refused such permission in the past.

The former Rajya Sabha MP said dignitaries like Prime Minister also stay at Presidential Retreat during their visits and Kalyani helipad is used exclusively by the Air Force for these VVIPs and for other security sorties.

"...but now Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is constructing a house in this area which has put security of his Excellency the President of India, Prime Minister and other dignitaries at risk," Bharadwaj said in the letter to Singh.

According to him, the area is 'no-construction zone', because of which people sold their land at throwaway prices and Priyanka purchased about 4,000 sq mtr of land.

Taking "advantage" of her family status, Priyanka managed to get permission to construct house in the high-security zone, the MLA claimed.

"The security angle of the President and other VVIPs may kindly be re-examined and permission granted to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to construct a huge house near Retreat, Shimla may be withdrawn," he said in the letter.