Sashay in skirts

Sashay in skirts

Daring denim

Sashay in skirts

Over the years, denim skirts have earned a permanent place in a women’s closet. However, each time it is back in trend, it has a different appeal altogether. The 70s’ trend is back in vogue this season with more innovation and is looking better. From long to patchwork skirts and zipped to high-waist midi-skirts, these are surely wooing the fashionistas once again.

Designer Ritam Sengar elaborates, “Like many trends from the past, denim skirts too have found a place in today’s time. Like the flared bootcut pant and peasant top, these skirts are here again. But it is not limited to mini-skirts, there are more looks coming out.” She points out that the denim skirts work for any bodytype. Be it midis, maxis, straight-cut or flared A-line ones, one can choose according to their bodytype and taste.

“This time, the denim skirts are more reminiscent of the retro 70s with more detailing like button-fronts. We will definitely see a lot of variants this season — from tapered asymmetrical lengths to cut-outs and distressed denim skirts,” adds Ritam. Denim on denim, she says, has been a hot trend for a while now and is still going strong. One can absolutely pair two types of denim together but maybe avoid the same wash to not look overly matched. 

Irene Augustin, a young model and a student of Mount Carmel College, says that everyone likes to own a denim skirt, for the simple reason that it's comfortable and durable. “Skirts always have to be ironed and well-maintained, depending on their shades and material. But denim skirts cut the tension of maintenance. If one is in a hurry, they can just put on the denim skirt and walk out. It's that easy. It’s a great fashion statement that breaks stereotypes that denim is just for pants,’’ she says.

Describing these skirts as all about comfort and style, Nerisha Vaz says that she loves wearing them as they make her look smart. “It helps you stand out in the crowd. A denim skirt can be worn in any weather, be it summer or winter. It can give you a sporty as well as a sophisticated look. Denim is a symbol in modern culture and does not need much effort to style.”

“Denim skirts are fun and look great on everyone,” adds Shrutika Shukla, a student of CMR Law School. “They were a major ‘must have in the closet’ back in the 70s, but now  they are back in trend again and here to stay. I would love to wear a denim skirt with a white shirt and sneakers.”

It is easy to complete one’s look with these skirts. Sporting ankle-length boots, sneakers or gladiators can give the needed ‘oomph’ factor for the outfit. Fashion as it is known is a cycle and the trends that were popular yesterday always come back and fit perfectly with the present trends. Antonette, a student of Mount Carmel College, adds, “Denim skirts can give a normal outfit a really classy look. One can pair it up with any plain top and accessorise with a ring or a necklace to complete one’s look. This trend is never going to be out of style.”

Shirin Raj, a student of St Joseph’s College of Commerce says, “As it is said, ‘Old is gold’. Denim have always been in demand because of its versatile nature and suits everyone. It goes well for a brunch or as a casual wear.”