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Last Updated : 23 June 2016, 18:38 IST
Last Updated : 23 June 2016, 18:38 IST

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To transform a house into a home, you need to work on its interiors. The task can be daunting but it needn’t be so. DBN Murthy offers some simple and practical suggestions to help you put on that thinking cap

Many of us would like to live in a house which is peaceful and harmonious with our surroundings. This is possible if we pay attention  to the interiors. Doing so would not only offer one comfort, but also a sense of pride and wellbeing.

While modern construction can build a robust structure, it is the interiors that can transform a house into a home. Hence, there is a need to carefully design the space to reflect the owner’s sense of belonging. One has to plan in advance the details of the interiors and what goes in. However, when space is limited, there may not be much of a choice. This may be the case when space is a constraint in an apartment, or if you have to work around a limited budget.

You can consider going to an interior decorator for help or turn to the Internet for options. For efficient planning, you can consider visiting various interiors studios to take a look at how the space is designed and how you can incorporate some of the ideas into your home. Sometimes, even a casual visit to a well-designed home can be a source of inspiration. No matter where you find your inspiration, here are some pointers to help you design the interiors of your home:

Keep it clutter-free

Don’t let the space constraints stop you from translating your vision into a reality. With a little thought, any space can be utilised optimally and by extention, you can have the interiors done to your liking. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the available space should neither look too cluttered nor should it be too bare.

The idea is to smartly decorate the room with appropriate wares. One of the most important features to consider would be the furniture. While you may be spoilt for choice, it’s important to choose the ones that will suit your home and in particular, the room in which they will be placed. At the same time, don’t place too many in one room. Additionally, keep in mind that the furniture has to blend with the mood of the space harmoniously.

The same rule applies when you are choosing blinds and drapes for your home. There are a variety of designs and materials available today, making one’s choice difficult. However, to opt for what works for you, you need to be clear about one thing: do you want privacy or light? Generally speaking, heavy drapes offer a sense of privacy, while the lighter fabrics allow more sunlight into the room. If you are still flummoxed, it’s a good idea to consult an interior designer for suggestions.

Let there be light

Lighting is another factor that can enhance the aesthetics of a space. If there is enough natural light flowing into the home, you may not need to invest in fancy lighting options. However, an accent piece is always a good idea.

Additionally, ensure that there is adequate natural ventilation. By doing so, you can reduce your dependence on artifical lighting as well as minimise the use of electricity as much as possible.

Less noise

Reduction of noise inside the home is another factor that has come into prominence of late. Suitable measures could be taken at the design stage. What will also help is a judicious choice of windows, blinds and curtains while sealing needless openings and gaps. The more thought and planning that goes into interior fittings, the better your quality of life.

Flooring it right

The right flooring can enhance your home’s aesthetics. While some prefer wooden or bamboo flooring, there are others who opt for marble or stone. The material you choose also depends on the area where it’ll be used. For instance, spaces such as the kitchen and toilets will need special flooring to withstand usage as well as prevent accidents due to slippery floors.

It is important to balance aesthetics with functionality and safety as well as repair and maintenance. Carpets are another popular option with homeowners. Depending on where they are going to be placed, the options and sizes will vary. The fact is that there are a variety of tile and flooring materials available in the market today. So, make you choice wisely.

Mind the tone

Colours form an important aspect of one’s home. Hence, choosing the right shade for each space is important. These should be pleasing to the eye, functional and easy to maintain. The colour scheme you choose could be uniformly done or else, it could match the room’s purpose. Much of the colour choice depends on the room’s size. For instance, don’t use darker colours in small spaces. Instead, by using brighter colours you can make the area look larger. You could also consider using wallpapers, as they come in a wide variety of patterns and colours.

Some homeowners tend to prefer lighter shades for their soothing nature. Using contrasting colours is another way of enlivening the interiors. While choosing the colours for your home, keep in mind the room’s accessories. That way, you can make the space look classy and complementary.

Make a statement

Modular kitchen, sinks, wash basins, designer sofas, dining table, domestic equipments like fridge, water filters, microwave and furniture like sofas, beds and cupboards are becoming standard in modern homes. You can consider personalising them to lend a more ‘homely’ feel.

Go beyond the ordinary and make a statement through your home’s interiors. How about an eye-catching antique lamp stand with an ethnic lampshade?

Similarly, a collection of curios, ethnic dolls and paintings can also enhance the drawing room. You can let your imagination wild!

Matters of upkeep

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider. Can it be cleaned easily and regularly? It is advisable to go in for reputed brands, especially for the big-ticket purchases, as they are likely to last longer. Safety factors such as fire resistance and burglary-proofing are also important aspects that you need to keep in mind while doing up the interiors of your home.

These are just some basic tips to help you get started. Once you set the ball rolling, you will come up with your own ideas!

Published 23 June 2016, 17:03 IST

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