Mouli intimidates Mohsin?

Mouli intimidates Mohsin?

Mohsin and Mouli.

It seems that director Saurabh Sengupta wanted hero Mohsin Akhtar to deliver a few romantic lines looking straight into heroine Mouli Ganguli’s face. The actor stammered whenever he had an eye contact with Mouli.

Unit members could sense Mohsin’s uneasiness while taking the shot. Was Mohsin uncomfortable with Mouli or did he have problems getting the lovey-dovey expressions? Director Saurabh took Mohsin aside and realised that the newcomer was intimidated by the presence of a seasoned actor like Mouli Ganguly.

When the director explained this to Mouli, the thorough professional that she is, she immediately took charge of the situation. She chatted with Mohsin and asked him to mouth some Bengali words and the Kashmiri lad couldn’t pronounce them at all. That set the ball rolling and the ice was broken.

When quizzed about this episode, Mohsin confirmed, “With her experience, Mouli is a far better actor than I am. I just didn’t want to end up looking stupid on screen with her being in the same frame.”He added, “But Mouli helped me in overcoming my notion and we both became friends by the end of the film.”

Considering Mouli’s larger-than-life presence, it seems that the director should name the film — It’s a Woman’s World than It’s A Man’s World.

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