On a wild trail

On a wild trail

Capturing moments

On a wild trail

Capturing a moment and describing its story is something every photographer yearns for. Each of them have their own technique and tricks to showcase their work. For Jishnu Santheesh Babu, it’s the world of the wild , that allows him to tell a story.

Having started his journey with a digital camera at the age of 13, he entered the world of photography, with a professional camera when he was in class 10. He says, “Street photography is what I began with. I would take my camera around the area and take pictures of whatever I would find interesting. I slowly moved to bird photography and now I’m only focussing on wildlife photography.”

While his pictures of birds and animals are quite magical to look at, he says, that he has to wait around a lot to get a perfect picture. “No matter where I go, even if it is to a friends house, I take my camera along with me. You never know what you might stumble upon; a camera is always a must-have accessory for me. But there are plenty of time that I have missed capturing a picture because they run away before I can get my camera ready,” he says.

His trick is to lie down on the ground, watch what his object is doing and patiently wait to get a good picture. 

Most of his travels have been around the Western Ghats. He wants to be a wildlife conservationist and talk about the animals he captures. Jishnu explains, “There are plenty of animals and birds that we are not aware of. If I am able to talk about them through my pictures and make a difference, I want to be able to do it. I want to bring awareness and help the animals in whichever way I can.”

He displays his work on his Facebook and Instagram accounts called ‘Jish Photographs’. He dreams of visiting Leh and Ladakh to capture pictures of the snow leopards.

The young lad is proud of the work he does and he hopes to bring about a change through his mesmerising pictures. He says, “Photography, to me, is the art of capturing that particular moment. It’s about showing something that a naked eye misses. That’s what I aim to do with my pictures and I hope to bring about a change with them.”