Presidential debate was rigged: Trump

Last Updated 30 September 2016, 08:47 IST

Republican nominee Donald Trump today claimed the first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton was "rigged" after political analysts said his Democratic rival won the debate.

Addressing his supporters at an election rally in New Hampshire, 70-year-old Trump said the first debate was a "rigged deal".

Trump, 70, said he had to fight with moderator Lester Holt on "everything I said".

Political analysts said Clinton, 68, won the debate with her emphatic performance and put the reality television star on defensive on crucial issues.

"Then I had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor on everything I said. What a rigged deal, I tell you, we are in such a rigged system — it is terrible. What's going on in this country is so sad. But it will change. Remember November 8," Trump said.

Trump said he would work hard over the next 40 days to win the White House.

"We are going to take on the special interests, the lobbyists, and the corrupt corporate media that have rigged the system against everyday Americans. We are going to create millions of new jobs for our people, trillions in new wealth for our communities, and rising wages for every working American. We are going to create a new government that serves you, your family, and your country," he said.

According to the real estate mogul from New York, his campaign is going to end Clinton's corruption and restore dignity and honesty to government service.

"Hillary Clinton is an insider fighting only for herself and for her donors. I am an outsider fighting for you," he said.

The large corporations who support terrible trade deals that offshore jobs – they are donating to Clinton, he said, adding that the Wall Street investors who have rigged the regulations against the middle class – they are donating to Clinton.

Trump also alleged that the special interests who want open borders are donating to Clinton.

"In her campaign for President, Hillary Clinton has received USD 100 million dollars in contributions from Wall Street and the hedge funds. She and Bill Clinton were paid USD 150 million for speeches since Bill left the Oval Office. The same groups paying Bill and Hillary for their speeches were lobbying the federal government," he said.

Alleging that Clinton put the office of Secretary of State up for sale, Trump said if she ever got the chance, she would put the Oval Office up for sale too.

"She deleted and bleached 33,000 emails after a Congressional subpoena. 13 phones missing, several destroyed with a hammer. Her staffers taking the fifth amendment, and her ringleaders getting immunity deals. We're going to call them the FBI Immunity 5. Foreign enemies with easy access to hack her server. Lies to Congress, under oath, about turning over her work-related emails," he said.

(Published 30 September 2016, 08:47 IST)

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