Sarkozy and Bruni 'cheating on each other'

Sarkozy and Bruni 'cheating on each other'

French prez romancing ecology minister, wife dating pop star

Sarkozy and Bruni 'cheating on each other'

French singer Benjamin Biolay. AFP

While the 55-year-old flamboyant president is said to be romancing his 40-year-old ecology minister, also a karate champion, his 43-year-old wife is rumoured to be involved with Benjamin Biolay, a mop-haired pop star six years her junior.

In fact, the suggestion that the first couple are both having affairs first emerged on microblogging website Twitter, and was followed by a media report in the Sunday newspaper le Journal du Dimanche.

The newspaper wrote: “It’s the gossip of the moment that could become the story of the year. A romance is said to have started a few weeks ago between the first lady of France and music award winner Benjamin Biolay. The rumour started on Twitter and is now on blogs and websites everywhere. It says the presidential marriage is breathing its last breaths. Bruni is in love with Benjamin Biolay and the president has found solace with Jouanno.”

A French web magazine alleged that Bruni had been a close friend of Biolay for many years and was now unofficially living with him at his Paris flat.

Sarkozy and Bruni got married in February 2008, three months after meeting in November 2007. Both have had affairs in the past.

The former Italian supermodel-turned-singer once said that she is “easily bored by monogamy” and her previous lovers include Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Sarkozy’s spokesman at Elysee Palace in Paris said he had “absolutely no comment” to make on the rumours of extra-marital affairs among France’s first couple.